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  • Hi xFullCourt,

    I have a question regarding a "sound" depolarized set-up. I am a good 5.5, but never got, up until now, into the customization stuff, didn't feel that I needed it or didn't care.
    I have 4 speed pro ltd (all black with leather grip). Bad in stock form. First I play with an L2 but 3 overgrips added. Silicone:10g, Lead: 2g at 3 and 9. The racket stock unstrung is at 313gr. Mine at 360gr exactly (with one dampener). With the silicone it plays very well. The feel is much better than in stock form.
    My question: as you can see I have put a lot in the handle and not much in the hoop, I am at a balance of 310mm. The racket feels great as is but I am still wondering whether too little in the hoop is too little given the 22g in the handle. Am I losing some of the advantages of a heavy stick with such little lead in the hoop?
    More at 3-9? A bit at 10-2? I know all that is personal preferences and feeling, but you seem to have some experience. Thanks!
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