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    Gamma X2 throat adapters

    Anyone (Gammatech, I suppose) know if we can buy replacement adapters for the throat mounts of the X2?
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    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    It's a little early for breakfast, but oh well. I brought enough for everyone, but save the one from Switzerland for Nikolai!
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    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    F I L T H Y G O O D ...why the heck is all caps disabled. stupid feature.
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    Any engineers willing to help me out w/ a <5 minute interview?

    Hey guys, I'm required to do an 'interview' of an engineer for a pretty lame class I'm in and was hoping someone could help me out. I just need you to pm me your answer to these questions as soon as you have time. I only need one response and it doesn't have to be all that detailed. If you...
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    Which tablet pc should I buy?

    So i'll be an engineering student this fall and my college mandates that we have tablets meeting certain specs: Windows Vista Business Edition 32 bit dual core 2.2 GHz or higher RAM 2 GB minimum >=120GB 5400 RPM or better NIC/Ethernet Card and Wireless Card 100Base-T, or Fast...
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    How to repair a hole from toe-drag

    einalbert--leave these forums. Nobody wants your spamming BS here. Learn some HTML and some English while you're away because your phishing site is one of the worst i've ever seen. I agree with Meg and others. Buy new shoes!
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    Circumaural headphones <~$100

    anyone recommend the audio technica es7s?
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    DIY Tennis Ball "Mower" under $100

    You, sir, are THE MAN ...amazing. What other cool DIY projects have you done? Share anything!
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    which car do you like more

    Mustang atw
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    Circumaural headphones <~$100

    thanks but no thanks ayun. I'm against skullcandies now. Here's what I'm looking at: Sennheiser hd215 Audio Technica ATH-AD400 Beyerdynamic DTX800
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    Circumaural headphones <~$100

    Hey guys, Season's starting up and my crappy skullcandy cans are too awful and broken down for my taste. I'm looking to spend about $100, but i'd spend more if quality improved drastically for a little more money. I have a large head and have problems with headphones becoming uncomfortable...
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    Are these Barricades ready to be sent back?

    i'd say the one shoe is, but i don't know about the other. Close call here?