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    The only guy to reach top 10 using this FH grip in the last 20 years?

    I think Reeshar has done excellently considering he doesn't possess even one fast twitch fibre and has tall-short man syndrome. RBA got to 13th apparently at some point in 2016 with an even flatter FH, half an inch less in height and one less name.
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    '10s vs '00s

    Is someone in the ATP stat department working on a Fedfan-trolling bot or something to keep us all interested when Fed retires? The OP is like a sourer version of Meles with even greater detachment from reality. Meles at least talks about shots and matches, like, you know, tennis.
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    Pro players with the best Twitter accounts.

    Benoit Paire's second account gives twitter the respect it deserves
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    Nadal’s new obsession.

    I'm surprised a gif of Ralph glancing over at the shot clock hasn't replaced the angry AO Ralph zoom-in gif as the gif de jour for the Nadal-haters.
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    Are you hyped for Roland Garros?

    Noel will lose too much energy dropping sets in early rounds and disappoint in R16/QF/semis and Tim will fade back into the hedge when he meets Nadal, whenever that happens. So no, not that hyped to see an ageing, slower, graceless and humourless capy8ara pick up another ludicrous record. Hoping...
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    Most productive bakery in a single tournament?

    I think Fiasco might have a nasty surprise for Ralph today. Ralph's declined movement should give Fiasco a chance too.
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    Kyrgios is the best thing in tennis right now

    It's good to see some folks taking a break from the geometric means to get excited over something slightly closer to the way the world perceives Djokovic. You guys realise tennis is a fight, not a popularity competition right? It's strange that such a tough fighter as Djokovic has such soft...
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    Verdasco 4 - 0 Thiem , what is stopping Thiem from winning vs Verdasco

    Thiem probably has a mancrush on Fiasco and his magnificent grunt. I'm convinced Thiem's trying to model his own grunt on Fiasco.
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    Nick Kyrgios gets defaulted in Rome

    As Sysyphus says, an excellent homage. Bravo Nick. Tennis sure has a lot of strange names but I don't think I could hold it together for 3 sets playing a guy called Casper either.
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    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    I will be glad to witness his greatness, especially if his hammer falls on Ralph or Kyrgios or he settles any other beefs in the process.
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    Novak Djokovic : Tryst with Immortality

    What if he wins, now what if he retires? What a GOAT retirement that would be. It would absolutely murder Roger's retirement tour too. I'm a bit torn because I love having them around but I hope Fedovic don't kill themselves chasing records for too much longer. It would be hilarious seeing...
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    Why some posters don't like Nadal?

    I'm not sure how you missed the family of pet capybaras that live on the grounds. Yours was a particularly grim post but I'm afraid I have to go along with most of it. I can see where you're coming from but there is a lot going on here with the fertility stuff, so linking it with doping is a...
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    2019 ATP Madrid SF: Djokovic [1] vs Thiem [5]

    It comes down to how much Noel wants the match. If I was Noel, I wouldn't trust Tim to take out Ned, anywhere, but particularly not at RG. So throwing this match so Tim has another chance to pick up a meaningless title against Ned makes no sense. What makes sense is to show Ned and Tim who is...
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    2019 Madrid QF: Federer [4] vs Thiem [5]

    I'm just trying to register a sense of the breadth, depth, intensity and duration of VB despair when Older3r dismantles la Nadal at RG. Straights. I haven't even had a drink but I have already made two correct predictions that haven't even come true yet.