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    USO 2019 SF: Nadal [2] vs. Berrettini [24]

    And ****** gets the break!
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    USO 19: R.Nadal [2] Vs D.Schwartzman [20]

    diegoatshouldn't get frustrated
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    USO 19: R.Nadal [2] Vs D.Schwartzman [20]

    ******* forgot his vitamins
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    Nick Kyrgios Is Now The Favorite In His Quarter Of The Draw

    mr. kyrigios practicing the one hander
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    Why do Juniors tend to have a one-dimensional game?

    agreed @Wise one if you force it you'll get injured and have no penetration, power, or control
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    New Soft Poly and Juniors

    RPM Blast + Origin good combo
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    What did you last eat?

    Japanese Eel
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    Racquet for my dad

    did you make a choice yet?
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    Most comfortable racquet line out there?

    Extended length babolat please don't listen to this advice
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    Racquet for my dad

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    Racquet for my dad

    Oh Yikes! I thought it said 60 years old. Yeah, the dr 98+ would not be a good choice, as it would be pretty hard to swing. As for Visual Acuity, I cannot speak for that - I still have 56 years to go till that age.
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    Racquet for my dad

    Sidenote: I may be slightly biased, as is given by my username, however, honestly, I truly think the DR is the best fit.
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    Racquet for my dad

    For arm injuries, the Yonex DR 98 (NOT the new Ezone 98), is great. It has classic touch and control, while combining modern power. It is a very soft, plush, and relatively powerful racquet. As for arm injuries, do not order a babolat, as it is not good for arms. I don't have much experience...