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    Awesome thread you've started here Bender. For me, I play my best tennis with the K90 and 2014 PS 90, though they are quite different! I own all iterations of the PS90s except the 2010 BLX, and still use the K90 as my main driver. I really like the 2014 version as well, but as I own only 1 it's...
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    Ultra 2 - Great Seller

    Awesome guy, awesome seller. Item as described, fast shipping, nothing more to ask for. Highly recommended ^^
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    WTB: 2014 Pro Staff 90, 4 1/4 or 4 3/8

    Message me with an offer please :) I would also entertain purchasing other iterations of the PS 90s (e.g. Six One Tour BLX 90, BLX PS Six One 90) depending on the offer, but mostly I am looking for the 2014 version. The Ncode 90 and K 90's are not completely off the table, but I do already own...
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    BlacknGold35 Great Seller

    Lots of positive references for him, so I won't go into detail. Very responsive, awesome guy. Definitely recommended ^^
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    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus for a beginner

    Hey everyone, thanks for all the kind responses! You all have given me a lot more confidence to go about stringing my own racquets now. I will definitely be getting a starting clamp. I was considering the Alpha Starting Clamp (just to keep things consistent), but are there any other...
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    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus for a beginner

    That's great news! I am fairly certain of the machine I wanted, but was just worried I would not be able to properly learn how to use the DC plus since I have nobody around to teach me. I think I read from a post a few years back that the Alpha machines come with YULitle's tutorial? If so, that...
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    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus for a beginner

    Hey everyone, I've been thinking of getting into stringing my own racquets (and possibly the racquets of few other friends once I become good/experienced enough), and based on Mansewerz's guide, I think the DC Plus would be a great machine to use for years to come. The question I have is how...
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    Fedal - Great Seller

    Very quick responses to any questions, and crystal clear on description of product. Arrived exceptionally well-packaged, and even threw in 2 over grips! Would highly recommend to anybody.
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    beez71 - great seller

    Very responsive seller who communicated almost instantly to any questions I had. Shipped quickly, and item (Nike Court Tech 1.0 Bag) was in awesome shape. I would highly recommend beez71 as a potential seller
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    dmcb101 - great seller

    Promptly shipped 2x Wilson Blade 98L's I was getting for my partner. Item received was in excellent shape, and communication was great throughout the process. Highly recommend!
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    FS: Nike Court Tech 1 (Black/Volt)

    Will enjoy it, thanks beez!