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    Anyone ever hit with a Weed?

    The unavailability of the Weed is a problem along with the cost and the fact that you are spending twice as much for string with the Weed, and they are difficult to string. However on the plus side I played one set of doubles with Weed and instantly clicked with my ground strokes which were...
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    Anyone ever hit with a Weed?

    Mmm...didn't consider the string. The frame itself is as much as a Wilson Clash so even though hitting with Weed was a pleasure I think I will return the frame next week to the owner.
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    Anyone ever hit with a Weed?

    Anyone here ever use a Weed racquet? I just used one today and was favorably impressed. Wondering how a Gamma RZR 117 stacks up.
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    Zverev after 2021 RG loss: "I don't care about semifinals. I wouldn't have cared about the final either."

    If you looked at Zverev's mostly unemotional lackluster behavior during the bulk of the match no one would dispute what he said. At least he is honest if not giving any hope to his fans.
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    Pavlyuchenkova and Rybakina are in the QF of the Women's draw and Women's Doubles draw - as partners.

    This is a taste of what tennis was like a few decades ago. Players regularly played both singles and doubles particularly at the Slams. I can't say tennis is better today for the monochromatic styles we see out there. In retrospect Cori Gauff made a blunder partnering with Venus Williams as they...
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    Musetti is the real deal !

    Musetti looks great and stylish as a real crowd pleaser. For the young player the greatest asset anyone could have is between the ears, and how he's able to grind out a career, if possible. For this we will wait and see if he has what Fed, Nadal and Djokovich have. The spirit to fight on.
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    This is why Naomi Osaka is skipping press-conferences

    It's unbelievable to me that the psycho-dramas of one player now has people calling for an end to the post match interviews altogether. It's like one child falls off the swing so no children may play anymore.
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    Naomi Osaka withdraws from the French Open

    I don't think enough of Osaka to "hate her" though that's always the woke reaction..."disagreement with me equals hate". It's childish. Just ditching the entire French Open is hardly the way to deal with stress or whatever has a bug up her skirt. I can tell you this...this blot on her resume...
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    Naomi Osaka IS women's tennis

    You can see the level of maturity in some posters. There is very little of it.
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    This is why Naomi Osaka is skipping press-conferences

    The questions any athlete has to face from the press are almost invariably mundane and vapid. All this b.s. about Osaka's "mental heath" being at stake is really hilarious, however. Yonex can be none too happy about their premiere client being a childish Gen Z whiner. Someone should make her...
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    Would you give up 20% of your future salary for your favorite of the Big 3 to be cemented as GOAT?

    Seriously? Someone should look up the old expression "to gild the lily". It's called stupidity.
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    Fed and Serena...Future?

    Did I trigger you?
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    Fed and Serena...Future?

    Good points. But the Serena sychophants don't want to hear it. They think the overly large, sweaty, aging tennis star somehow can ignore all the laws of nature and the young hungry pack of opponents who simply don't fear the imperious Serena anymore. Every athlete ever born has their own...
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    Fed and Serena...Future?

    Have you seen Serena struggling on clay? It's sad. Maybe it's because she has such strong faith in herself she doesn't think she has to show up in shape anymore. Of course it's been that way for years but now, and on clay, of all surfaces, her bulky frame and diminishing court coverage does her...
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    Fed Cup Now Billie Jean King Cup

    B.J. King would be more respected if the gap between her calls for equal treatment of women wasn't nullified by her approval of women earning equal pay for less work. Hypocrisy is like that.