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    My league partner coaches too much

    its often difficult to determine the difference between "communication" and "coaching" when playing with a new partner. z
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    My league partner coaches too much

    ptminh go back to the baseline if you partner has a weak return and pops the ball up to the opposing net person z
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    My league partner coaches too much

    yeah let them "eat a fuzz sandwich" from your floater return, then they might get the message. but if you care about your partner, tell them to go back to the baseline. nothing wrong with two back z
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    My league partner coaches too much

    TP often times "helpful hints" can be construed as criticism. perhaps you need to "tell" him to stop coaching as you find it distracting. tell the captain, you dont think you guys make a good team. you dont need to provide details unless he asks for specifics. most captains will just try to...
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    I'm the problem partner.

    ktx sounds like you put too much pressure on yourself, and brought your level down. you need to relax and not take things so seriously and try to have fun give your team a couple of more matches, and dont take things so intensely. perhaps play some practice matches, where there isnt any pressure...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    i strung my BP 18x20 v7 and v8 at 49#. seems like with the cold weather 45# might be better. Here in the SF BayArea weather is warming up so the 49# is just fine. if there is a cold spell i will have to drop them down to 45#. i use Solinco HyperG 17 and TourBite 17, TB is a bit stiffer, but...
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    Played a practice small set against LEFTY

    being right handed, you have to make a slight adjustment with your court positioning on return of serves, accounting for the spin of the ball which is opposite from that of a right handed player. once a rally starts, lots of ball go to your backhand from their forehand. if you lob, make sure...
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    Racket to transition to modern game

    Tazz i transition from the PS97 to the Blade 98, then to the Blade 98 Pro. perhaps i gave up a little power for more control but i seem to like it. i use Tour Bite and Hyper G you might try the Blade 98 Pro v8 16 x19 to see if gives you what you want z
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    Underhanded serves: does tennis need a balk rule?

    you have to be prepared in tennis. my wife did that underhand serve in a 10 point tiebreak USTA Ladies match on match point, as she had gotten the "yippes" and DF on the previous point the opponent promptly dumped return into the net. her opponent was really mad, talking to everyone on...
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    What if i dont change the groomets?

    probably you need to find extra grommets, but again it depends on the stringer and the wear from your string type as grommet replacement varies. i have had to replace grommets after a couple of string jobs to going through 10 string jobs without grommet replacement. probably if you use...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    i just took half the leadtape off and restrung all my Blade 98 Pros and seem to play with more consistency and control. Power hasnt dropped off, maybe it increased, as i can whip and follow through faster. anyway i will remeasure the swingweight and specs, when i have time, but now i am having...
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    been using Tour Bite 17g@49# seems to work for me z
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    took half of the leadtape off of all the Blade 98 Pros 18x20 it changed the racquets so swingweight dropped into the 340 range i must be getting old, as i am playing a lot better especially with the serve as i have more pace on my shots the BP98 v8 is still a bit more head heavy, once i settle...
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    Do you run into Stallers?

    of course, this is during social games, i would use a stopwatch that times to fractions of a second during league play z