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    think about it , novak djokovic could win RG 2020

    Rafa 33% Novak 20% Thiem 25% Rest 12%
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    do you think thiem can beat nadal in 2020 RG ?

    Ofcourse, do you think Rafa can keep winning forever? Ofcourse he will slip up, and hand over to next gen. The young guys always replace the old eventually.
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    Novak fans, are you ready for 18?

    How can people still say that federer had easy draws after this?
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    Players you can't believe are in the Top 100

    People bagging on Fed for being top 100 at 39, yet forecast Djoker and Bull will keep winning slams and dominating for years at 33+? Bit of a head scratcher.
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    Federer News

    Gosh been so long to see him in his Wimbledon whites. Gotta see him play on the grass at least one more time, please god.
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    Is Djokovic sacrificing his entire legacy by winning the 2020 US Open? Whenever anyone mentions his 18 slams they will mention the pandemic.

    I love how this slam was perfectly legitimate but now that Nadal has walked, its the opposite. Lets face it, even without Nadal or Federer playing, there is still a good chance Djoker will face a tougher draw Rafa in 2017 and 2019.
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    Breaking news ! :: No Nadal on US Open entry list

    Were going to get a new grandslam champion in 2020.
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    For the first time in the 21st century...

    George Lucas had yet to ruin Star Wars.
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    Breaking news ! :: No Nadal on US Open entry list

    I hope you all remember the prediction I made. Once someone new wins a slam other than the big 3, it will be like opening Pandora's box, the big 3 era will be over. Novak is the last man standing out of big 3 in the USO. And French open might not happen this year.
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    Countdown to Live Tennis

    Go Thiem!
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    it seems like 2020 us open will take the place

    Well at least we'll get to see someone new win for once.
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    Federer News

    Fed can still get hot at a slam and do big things. Just needs to manuveur through the early rounds relatively untroubled, and hope that Novak loses before they meet. I back Roger against anyone else, when he is on.
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    Players who really should have won a slam

    Dimitrov, still don't know how he failed in so many quarter and semis.
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    This time next year Nadal will have overtaken Fed on slams

    Nadal wins US Open 2019 "In the next 12 months Rafa will overtake Roger" 12 months later:
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    Tournament is supposed to start in a month? Can't see it happening can you?