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    Name one single player apart from Nadal who actually exploited Federer Backhand.

    People talk about exploiting Nadal's forehand ( off clay and on clay on an average day) but Nole is the only one who can really pull it off against Nadal Day in and day out.
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    Who would win this doubles match?

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    Very smart long-term investment by Fred

    One one problem here. Djokovic and Federer are always in the same half... I dare say if Federer is not Top4 seeded.. They may even end up in same quarter:whistle:
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    Players only M 1000/GS - Beating Federer in process CLUB

    I was disappointed bcz he wasn't risking it and going DTL, he wasn't even going BH DTL in comfortable scorelines.. He failed to build that confidence in that particular shot and hence got predictable playing CC in passing shots and also couldn't wrong foot Theim. I am actually happy with his...
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    Federer now favorite for French Open? ?

    Nadal is always fit for clay season....
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    Federer now favorite for French Open? ?

    Fedr got owned from Baseline in sets 2 and 3 ( partly due to level drop in set 2 and Theim's increased level in set 3). He seemed under pressure and not confident enough to try Backhand DTL... Judging by it Fedr will have to pull off a miracle to defeat a Red Hot Theim on clay.
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    Thiem will beat Federer

    Oh boy.. Weren't you right.
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    I think it is time that us, Nole's fans start to...

    Who are they going to make age excuses against even if they want to.. Against Dimitrov? Raonic? Zverev? Or some other lame Gen player? Fact is neither of Big 3 is loosing to them, so their decline due to age isn't showing up and hence Fanbases are not giving up any possible reasons /excuses.
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    The rise of Canadian tennis

    She no thicck
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    Are there any 'pushers' in the ATP?

    Username says otherwise.
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    Khachanov similiar to Safin?

    they are not ugly. I m sure 90% OF TTW would settle with anyone of them. I mean I definitely would :censored:
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    Build a roof americans...

    Ikr.. Did u wake up thrice today morning just to see if Stan vs Federer match started only to be disappointed and sleep again to finally wake up and realise the Match has been suspended till tomorrow :confused:
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    Is Gunneswaran the next big thing in tennis?

    Lol, looks like my comment triggered him. He defeated Paire.. Fooko_O