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    Head Graphene Touch speed or Head Microgel Radical?

    Hey thnx for the input. I searched for Prestige touch, Really like it's specs but unfortunately it's out of my budget right now. Definitely will keep an eye on it next time I decide to buy. Have u also played with Head Youtek IG Radical Team? Is it similar to Microgel Radical MP in terms of...
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    Head Graphene Touch speed or Head Microgel Radical?

    Head radical MP. OK I would take a look on Prestige touch too.
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    Head Graphene Touch speed or Head Microgel Radical?

    Hi guys. I am thinking to get a new racket and can't decide between Head Graphene Touch speed S or Head Microgel Radical MP. These two cost what would be the highest I can afford right now. There is a high chance I would not be able to play test these rackets or even go to stores. I would have...
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    "Love the player, hate how he plays" and vice versa

    If I wanted that. I would have answered Nadal instead of theim.
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    "Love the player, hate how he plays" and vice versa

    Dominic theim. I like that guy but I get tired and stressed watching his game and listening his grunts. He puts too much energy on serve, every damn forehand and backhand and I get drained watching him draining energy.
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    Why is Tennis like this ??

    I can't be the only one who found seeing lefty in white shorts play satisfying? The kid in black shorts can't either see or is a serial cheater. At recreational level, the playstyle of black shorts kid is tricky for many, you are not alone. Consider it a challenge and don't look down upon that...
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    Shapovalov: The rightful heir to Federer

    It was just so sweet watching him play in that Court level view. No doubt his game is the most attractive.
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    11 years of hurt for Fed. Why?

    Yes the actual competition of Robredo, Dimitrov, Cilic, Milkman & Delpotro. He has been stopped by Peakovic Twice ( no shame), Back Injury now 3 times, horrible form, age and Slow courts after 2011, let's totally forget that.
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    Goodbye Federer

    That Darth outfit and Night match. I blame them.
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    US open 2019 R1: (03)Federer vs Nagal

    There are already articles about his whole Biodata, relationships and stuff for being the guy to take off a set against Federer in a major. So yup!
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    US open 2019 R1: (03)Federer vs Nagal

    He wasn't known before this at all. An article on him published couple of days back when he qualified for USO main draw, so Indian tennis fans got to know him. Yesterday Indian Cricket captain & most popular Sportsman in India Virat Kohli posted about him on his INSTA so I guess people atleast...
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    Poll: What is the biggest/most imposing forehand in the mens game?

    Federer and Nadal as close 2nd. Excluding their few worst years.
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    Federer News

    Overall I was happy with his game. But even though he won more points, there were 2 concerns that I bet everyone noticed - Forehand - He was hitting decent rally balls but also very tentative half the time . Certainly cost him big points. When he was loose, he was hitting some awesome winners...