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    HEAD Penn Official

    To Andy: I'll echo what everyone else has said, it's nice to see a company take such a vested interest and time to get so involved with the community. I've been out of the loop for a few years due to one thing or another, so I have just recently learned of the departure of the Prestige Mid...
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    Tag Ends or Knots

    It just means that the first racquet was strung 1 piece while the second racquet was strung 2 piece. Just two different types of methods but all in all the difference is minimal in terms of feel.
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    How is HEAD's quality control?

    I purchased 2 Head Youtek Prestige Mids from TW and they were able to match all 4 stats including flex and matched both with only an inch or two of lead tape. I would say Head is by far better in quality control than Wilson or Head right now.
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    Stringing Pattern dilemma

    I do believe that the racquets were numbered in power. As in the Triad series for example, T1 was much more powerful than the T5 as well as the T4 being still noticeably more powerful than the T5. As far as the OPs question... It isn't really one as he is just referring to a generation of...
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    Just Ordered My Stringing Machine :)

    Not gonna bash you or anything but you still go around and giving advice and things that end up just stating exactly what the previous posters do. And if you have had the progression for close to 6 months than you should have more than enough experience to not post trivial questions ie starting...
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    Revo 4000 Review

    I can tell you for a fact on racquets like the Pure Storm Ltd and the Youtek Prestige Mid, it is a tight fit for the first and last cross. You do have to push the mains out of the way to have it fit right.
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    Upgrade suggestion and possibly Wise

    I personally would opt for a Revo 4000 over a Pioneer DC+ for the fact that adding a wise is easy and such that the wise goes bad and you have to send it in for repairs, you have the crank to fall back on. It's not a permanent change, just temporary.
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    Prince Neos 1000 or Alpha Apex 2

    That's some awesome news right there. Glad we could be a help to you. And as far as advice in the future, you got it. Enjoy the machine, Zhou
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    Do you reccomend this or not?

    Dude, do your own research. I spent 2 minutes using google and what I already know to find the page describing the apparatus. Google --> Alpha Tennis --> Stringway --> accessories --> the apparatus is on the bottom.
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    Were you nervous the first time you strung a customer's racket?

    Bottom line, don't worry about how fast you string, I string in about 40 minutes for my Prestige Mids and I take care making sure I use proper technique. I don't string much anymore as I have other more important things to take care of. I rather have someone take 1 hr to string my racquet...
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    Prince Neos 1000 or Alpha Apex 2

    I find the mounting system to be just fine. I purchased mine from a very early batch when the very first few were being shipped over so I actually have two different mounts as they can be taken off and adjusted. I find them easy to use and it makes mounting a breeze. I talked with Mark regarding...
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    Prince Neos 1000 or Alpha Apex 2

    Good luck with your purchase. I bought my Apex II almost 2 years back and I have never looked back. Mark is a fantastic man to work with and made purchasing a breeze.
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    Strings for Youtek Pretige Mid?

    I find the Solinco Tour Bite and Vanquish hybrid to be nice at 54 lbs. I recommend putting Natural Gut at a minimum of 57 lbs. It flies at 54 lbs.
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    What Is Your Favorite Head Youtek Line

    As far as strengths go, I really enjoy the solid feel of the racquet. But for this racquet especially, your technique has to be relatively solid as off center hits can result in a floater. The racquet makes you think about your movement as you really have to be able to have clean contact with...
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    Pick your stringer

    We got a winner haha. But to answer the actual question. Star 4 for the portability, 5502 for its godliness, or the Wilson Baiardo. 5502 just takes the cake though.