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    Tennis in Omaha, NE

    Hey all, Wondering what the tennis scene in Omaha, NE is like. I may be travelling out that way. Thanks.
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    Osaka out of top ten

    Awesome. Can't wait for her to retire completely. She seemed like a warrior but turned out to be a snowflake.
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    What type of fan does tennis need now?

    More Fed fans so we can reminisce about the good ol days.
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    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    One was mentally weak, the other wasn't.
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    aus open: who should host it if not Melbourne?

    Melbourne, FL. Weather is perfect in January.
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    The way Djokovic went down in straight sets tells me something was up

    Djoker wasn't injured. He was fatigued. His legs were gone.
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    20-20-20 remains!

    Enjoying it, realizing the inevitable has simply been delayed. Enjoy the moment.
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    Where can I get that Med doll?
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    Med-ication please!!!!!