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    Tsitsipas match used racquet with real specs and SW

    Lead at 12 adds a lot more swingweght - the amount of spin stef gets is indicative of a polarised set up to me. I'm sure rafa is ballpark similar
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    Why Federer was not as dominant at Wimbledon than Nadal at Roland Garros ?

    my point about clay was that the type of clay was not changed. A hard court is the same court every day but can play faster or slower due to balls and weather etc. also, but clay cannot be made so easily different that the court itself is inherently lower bouncing or faster/slower all conditions...
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    Why Federer was not as dominant at Wimbledon than Nadal at Roland Garros ?

    Tough answer: I'd say this. Federer's game is a little more balanced than rafa's - it works well in all conditions (5 french finals besides rafa is an amazing clay career). He isn't as extremely suited to grass as Pete was or Kyrgios is. That is, if fed had more power and a slightly flatter...
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    Thiem And Rublev Knocked Out In R1 Practically Nobody Left To Challenge Rafa!

    Rublev is not a grand slam threat at any slam IMO. Djok and Rafa are still on another level to these guys in terms of: - movement (no other player moves as well offensively AND defensively). Too many players with only half the recipe (defense: demon, medvedev, evans, dimitrov, moutet all good...
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    Paris Court Conditions

    Not quite. I don't know why people think a clay court itself can't be fast or slow. It can. For years players have been saying the french at times can play faster than wimbledon - especially some of the outside courts. Things that matter: courts makeup, weather, balls I've heard this year...
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    Osaka's Sister Explains Why Naomi is skipping RG Press Conference

    Agree. But announcing on your twitter on the eve of the French with a sassy post about 'getting fined but whatever' comes across as out of touch. There are appropriate ways of starting this kind of discussion.
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    Osaka's Sister Explains Why Naomi is skipping RG Press Conference

    I thin Naomi isn't quite understanding the economics behind her $55 million a year that she gets to play tennis. I think anytime you command that amount of money, you better be good and on top of yourself. A CEO, a boss, or anyone wanting to command a salary that big wouldn't be able to tell...
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    How is this possible?

    Clay is the hardest, most physical form of tennis. You need extra strength and endurance in your body: the legs have to work a little harder, you have to generate a little more to attack guys. If you feel good on clay, it means that you've passed a very good physical test. Fed is training on...
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    Who are the best volleyer who have twohanded backhand?

    Off the top of my head Santoro Stepanek Murray Bjorkman Pospisil Tsonga Nalbandian
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    Top players with simplest, straightest groundstroke motion

    There are plenty who are just as simple, and perhaps more. Super simple of the young guys: Korda, Sinner 90s Simple - Agassi and Rios Nalbandian Fognini I think Djokovic nowadays is quite simple and more compact on the forehand. Mannarino. A very simple game but not ideal across all...
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    Why players puff/blow on their fingers?

    I used to do it when it was particularly cold to help warm my hitting hand. Never done it for sweat issues.
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    Where would number one woman rank on ATP?

    They go over 1000, but because 1500 say might only be 1 atp point, there could potentially be hundreds of players ranked '1500' because they all only have 1 point. at least 2000 with a point. Then chuck in...
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    Where would number one woman rank on ATP?

    I've had this discussion a lot. The answer I provide doesn't sit well with people in today's political climate, but the reality is that the best women would not be close to cracking the top 1000 of men's tennis. Some top state juniors I know play top atp women in practice sets and "wreck' them...
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    Which player would win a woody tournament?

    Easiest 'adjustment' to wood My Criteria; conservative grips. Simple swing paths. heavy (tending toward even-balanced frames, depolarised), flatter hitters Recent players off the top of my head Lopez Delpo RBA Tomic Gasquet Players most fooked Sock Tiafoe khachanov Of course, I still think...
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    Dan Evans could be so much better if he improved his fitness

    Been saying for a while that Evans is one of the smartest players on tour - I think his fitness is actually quite good now. Under-rated how effective he is at understanding his own game/strength and weaknesses, and adapting it to his opponent. For a short player with no real power he does...