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    What are the rarest but greatest rackets ever?

    Rex Professional Megapower boron. Impossibly rare now because they were exceedingly ugly and nobody bought them. I think i have the only one in existence. But trust me there were the best racquets ever made and I can give you good price!
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    you Too can fix a cracked racket !

    Bob Smith Industries?! Surely thats a front.
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    Why does Babolat sell their racquets with…

    You mean why does Babolat sell their black rubber bands with a racquet attached? Because im buying the bands and the racquet is just an extra. Kinky, but some like big butts, and i cannot lie......
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    Head size might not be correct

    Mr Olsson good to see you back. Have spent most of my life playing with a 95 and i can tell the diifference between a 95 and a 97 or 98, mainly because of the maneuverability of the head when swinging. Between a 98 and 100 not so much. Perhaps its just what youre used to?
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    New TW Website? Unimpressed so far

    WTH?! Even on ipad i much prefer the desktop site. Mobile sites suck and theres not even an option now for desktop
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    String most similar to Prince synthetic gut original

    Gamma syn gut is the closest there is. Anything else is too soft, since POSG is so crisp.
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    racket impact.

    When i see a thread with the title “racket impact”, i expect to see some smashin’ going on. Maybe even in slo-mo. Could you oblige OP?
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    Prince Twistpower X97 Tour

    Review is out and i find this one interesting, esp since playtesters said it feels a lot softer than 66RA. Also found interesting that the description says its got a thinner throat and is foam filled in “key” locations. If T.O have a demo racquet will try it out for sure.
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    Racquets you would describe as "comfortably crisp"?

    A racquet that feels crisp but is comfortable for me at least is the ezone 98’s. A racquet that IS crisp but comfortable is the RF97A. They might be 68RA but all that foam filled mass makes it a comfy ride.
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    I see why people are polarized about Ezone comfort

    Havent tried the tour but the ezones feel like they have a very stiff hoop and flexy throat. Which is probably how they get good power and pop from a supposedly flexy racquet. Some i guess will feel the flexy throat, some will feel the stiff hoop.
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    Anyone ever hit with a Weed?

    Im a “naysayer“ and i say these racquets are an abomination. There is a special place in hell reserved for these racquets and those who wield them. May God have mercy on their souls. Not.
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    Comparable racquets to PT2.0

    Yeah try trimming some of the cap grommet off to lose some weight and make it easier to swing over your head. Might lose some plow on groundies but there is always a compromise somewhere.
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    Rex Professional - any info?

    I had a rex professional mega power boron (or something like that). The racquet mold and shape were hideous, really ugly, but it had a cool transluscent red PJ that showed the braided graphite underneath.
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    Time to update your racquet, Nadal!

    He needs to switch to the gamma big bubba 137, dammit! The extra 2 inches length and 37 inches headsize will make up for his slower footwork and any sexual inadequacies he may have. Works for me, anyways. I feel like an alpha rutting rhino swinging that thing around
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    Wilson K Factor KPro Tour_ alternative

    Loved my kpro tours. Closest thing is probably the head MG radical MP. Low powered like the kpro and the string pattern on the wilson is as tight as the 18*20 on the Rad. All u need to do is add weight to bring it up the the kpro specs. If you want something with a bit more power try the yonex...