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  1. Gary Duane

    For non-fans of Djokovic...

    This is not hate. I think he's a great guy, charming, intelligent and in all ways likeable. I don't like the heart thing, but that's about it. He's good at languages and he seems both kind and thoughtful. I'll continue standing up for him as a player. I think he has at least a good shot at...
  2. Gary Duane

    DST changes

    How do those of you who go through this experience it? My watch says 3:41, but it's 4:41 AM according to yesterday. I hate this change. It's OK on Sunday, but by Monday it seems like I start work an hour late and then it is forever before I get home. It takes me several days to adapt. I also...
  3. Gary Duane

    Shapo's building his own funhouse!

    In his last match - and I assume it's safe to talk about it here now because it happened many hours ago - the first set was ridiculous and I believe the highest level I've seen from him so far. I know for years people have talked about the Fed Funhouse, but I think Denis is well on his way to...
  4. Gary Duane

    How's your spilling? ;)

    Or how do yoo do wen you have too right with know spill chucker? @stringertom ST, by the way, has personally make my spelling worse, since he writes daily with his own custom way of spelling. But this is actually a potentially serious thread. My spelling was atrocious before word processing...
  5. Gary Duane

    Tablets and blue tooth ear buds

    My wife just got a new Samsung tablet. I'll have to get the model number, but we were both shocked to find out that there is no play to plug in ear buds. We have both used ear buds all the time and they are not only convenient in the bedroom, they also do not require being charged. This new...
  6. Gary Duane

    Coach Nadal

    I really enjoyed watching Rafa give Roger advice on how to win the match against Nick. You REALLY have to laugh because it's not his style to continue trash talk, but you know it must be sweet any time Nick goes down to anyone. I wish we got to hear everything he said. It would be interesting...
  7. Gary Duane

    How much of a tennis match is actually play?

    While watching the 2nd and 3rd sets of the USO final, which I missed last night but recorded, I stopped to check times for ads and for blank space between points. I focused on Nadal as the slowest, and here is what I found: 30 seconds between service points because the clock is started at...
  8. Gary Duane

    Three reasons why I think Nadal is currently very dangerous

    1. For the first time in years, his ritual is less complicated. I've been watching him for many years now, and I've pointed out that when he was very young, he played much faster. Each year it seemed that he added another tic. But tonight I looked carefully and saw only 4 touches to the face...
  9. Gary Duane

    Games and points, Big 3, 2019, HC

    Back with an explanation in a few minutes:
  10. Gary Duane

    Where is the tennis this week on TV in the US?

    I assumed TC was covering Rogers Cup but there has been absolutely nothing on today of the men's. First I didn't see Thiem, no biggie, but then I did not see one moment of the Nadal match. Only women's tennis, and I hate WTA tennis. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Gary Duane

    What does topspin actually do to the bounce?

    Before you conclude that this is a "Captain Obvious" question, check your perception. Think about a ball that is hit 70 mph or more, backhand or forehand, then picture that ball hit with a lot of spin. Then picture that ball spinning with 5000 rpms. 5000 is incredibly high, much faster than...
  12. Gary Duane

    How much difference does choice of balls make? This says it is reprinted from 2007. Let's start with the summary: Summary Some very interesting and surprising observations arise from the results of these tests. Some of these are: Balls may bounce higher after use...
  13. Gary Duane

    No one is talking about choking Nadal :)

    I've been doing a post mortem of Wimbledon, trying to figure out how in hell Fed lost the final. Well, that's been talked about to death. But how about Rafa this year? Here's a guy who has never won even 59% of games on grass in season. His best year for points was 54.64% of points. What did...
  14. Gary Duane

    Djokovic #majoring in #majors and #minoring in #minors

    OK. Someone had to do this. For those of you who have been around a few years, there was a member, GrannyB, who used hash tags every other word for emphasis and who continually trolled Novak. She said he majored in minors, the idea being that he was racking up M1000s but couldn't win majors...
  15. Gary Duane

    Murray/Williams doubles

    I expected to see a thread. Did I miss it? I enjoyed watching them play together and thought how different doubles would be if the best singles players still competed in doubles in majors. They both seemed to have a great time playing, good to see.
  16. Gary Duane

    Djokovic's awful net play

    Or that's what I read a lot of today, how this great defender is so weak at that net. But that's not at all what I saw today. Am I crazy? He came in something like 70 times - I forget the exact number - and did it on clay, in the wind. Sometimes he didn't have too much success, but towards the...
  17. Gary Duane

    Don't count on seeing tennis today... That was from about an hour ago, and it's worse now.
  18. Gary Duane

    Who saw Kyrgios destroy Medvedev?

    It was painful to watch. Nick didn't even look interested. It was like watching a cat toy with a mouse. He did everything, including twirling his racket during a first serve, underhanded serve, SABR, junk balls. Medvedev did not have any answers.
  19. Gary Duane

    RG winners and clay for those years
  20. Gary Duane

    The Silent Generation and Generation Z Here are two articles that suggest kids today are very much like the Silent Generation. I'm not sure how much I agree with it, but there are some logical points that are...
  21. Gary Duane

    Likes and posts

    For a very long time I did not even know there were likes in this forum, or what they meant. I don't even know exactly when the started. Have you guys noticed the balance for posters who have been here a long time, and those who joined recently? It seems to me that those of us who have been here...
  22. Gary Duane

    Pouille in AO finals - April fools day several months early from WIKI
  23. Gary Duane

    Remember how much different it was supposed to be with fewer seeds? :D

    TW wisdom: the same guys always win because of seeding. I never believed it, don't see any difference so far this year with less seeds. We cab see how challenged the Big Three have been so far this year! OOPS! For some reason I thought they were cutting seeds this year even after reading 32...
  24. Gary Duane

    Ignore list

    I must be a million kinds of STUPID, because I can't find it. I never use it, don't care about it, but a friend of mine somehow accidentally clicked on ignore and now can't see my posts. An obvious mistake, so I called her to help and can't find the list. I AM SO FORKING STUPID...
  25. Gary Duane

    Federer's career stats on Hard Courts.

    @Hitman, @NatF , @falstaff78, @-NN- , @krosero First of all, I want to thank @Meles for again helping me with a DropBox link. DropBox gives a code for pictures that this site rejects (I have no idea why), and I needed alternate code. A word about this: I'm getting lazy, so I just took a screen...
  26. Gary Duane

    Speech recognition...

    I broke my right scapula. It was a bizarre fall, and I'm lucky I didn't break my neck. At the moment I can only type with one hand. So I'm trying out windows 10 speech recognition. It is faster than typing. But it is very buggy. The spelling command is absolutely horrible. For instance...
  27. Gary Duane


    Who is in the path of this hurricane? We had a lot of people writing in from the South last year, around this time, less than a week later. This one looks like it's weakening in wind strength but will cause a lot of water damage and is set to almost stall for a couple days.
  28. Gary Duane

    Age this year in the quarters

    Time to mention again: Thiem 25 Millman 29 Nishikori closer to 29 than 28 Delpo - almost 30 Cilic almost 30 Djokovic 31 Nadal 32 Isner 33 Do the math, then tell yourselves that this is only because the younger players are wimps. I've estimated that peaks have been extended by 2 to 3 years. I...
  29. Gary Duane

    Fed match cancelled for boxing on ESPN?

    I always record long, so I was right in the middle of watching Fed play Wawrinka. Fed won the second TB, by a hair, then I was set to watch the last set. Then ESPN suddenly switched to live boxing. Was it moved to another ESPN? All the drama was in the first two sets, so I saw the important...