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  1. aman92

    John Millman will beat Roger Federer at Aus Open 2020

    You heard it here first...Federer has had it way too easy in the first 2 matches and he won't be ready for what Millman throws at him. He is the local guy, one of the fittest on tour and has already beaten him in a GS before on hard courts.. With the the severe conditions, he is possibly the...
  2. aman92

    What makes Nadal so good against the next gen?

    OK, I don't have the stats currently to back this but Nadal does seem to have the best record and seems most comfortable with the next gen, while Federer and Djokovic have struggled and been knocked out by them in major tournaments multiple times. What is it specifically about Nadal’s game that...
  3. aman92

    Last time Nadal was ranked outside the top 10

    Was in April 2005 when he was 18 years old. It's just crazy how insanely consistent he has been despite all the injury setbacks. One of the great records in tennis
  4. aman92

    Laver cup exists purely to promote the Fedal partnership

    Was just watching Team Europe press conference and almost all press conference questions were directed at Federer and Nadal with Tsitsipas getting one thrown at the end. A journalist even mentioned Andy Murray while Fognini, Thiem and Zverev didn't speak for once during the conference. I have no...
  5. aman92

    Djokovic vs Borg - Who is the better grass court player?

    Both have 5 titles from 6 finals there and while Djokovic never dominated the tournament at a stretch like Borg, he has the longevity there and has beaten his 2 major rivals in all the finals they have contested. Who is the better grass courter?
  6. aman92

    Rank the USO champions of the last decade

    Now that the decade is over at least for Grand slams, I thought it'll be fun to rank all this decade's champions by the level they displayed for each slam. I'll start with the US Open 1. 2010 Nadal 2. 2011 Djokovic 3. 2013 Nadal 4. 2015 Djokovic 5. 2012 Murray 6. 2014 Cilic 7. 2016 Wawrinka 8...
  7. aman92

    2020 Aus Open extremely important for Djokovic now

    If he hopes to surpass Fedal in the slam race. This USO loss was really a setback and considering injuries for him are resurfacing he really needs to get his pet slam in the bag next year. For Federer and Nadal the Aus Open is a bit of a free hit now because they both know their best chances of...
  8. aman92

    Does Serena have a better career than Federer?

    Now before someone starts making it about men's vs women's tennis... I am only talking about achievements in their respective tours. Simply put, if we take all their career achievements currently, has Serena Williams had a better career in Women's tennis than Federer has had in Men's tennis?
  9. aman92

    Consolidated Nadal jinxing thread

    Seeing hundreds of threads popping up, congratulating Nadal on his 19th slam.. Thought I'll make things easier and propose a single thread where you could all put your jinxes and hexes. Jinx away folks!
  10. aman92

    USO 4th round.. Diegoat [20] vs Zverev [6]

    Interesting match up which has just started... Leaning with Diego but think this could easily go 5 sets.
  11. aman92

    Whoever among the big 3 wins the US 2019, will hold the slam record

    Going out on a limb to say this will be the case. This is the least dominated slam out of all the majors and whoever of the big 3 wins this will almost certainly end up with the slam record in my book. Cue Medvedev winning the tournament......
  12. aman92

    Bit worried for Nadal

    Usually we fret about Nadal overplaying while coming to a hard court tournament but right now think he has several underplayed this summer hard court swing. Obviously not entirely his fault, but he played 4 matches in Montreal where he was barely tested apart from 1 set against Fognini and...
  13. aman92

    US Open Round 2: Federer [3] vs Dzumhur

    I don't see a thread for this...Federer already down 0-4 in the first set:eek:
  14. aman92

    This made me chuckle

    That Rafa is the master of the Rogers cup.. Coincidence? I think not...
  15. aman92

    Federer is still greater than Sampras in grass

    I see a lot of threads claiming that because Federer lost yet again to his rival at Wimbledon, Sampras is the greater grass court player since he was undefeated in Wimby finals. Honestly that's pure BS.. Federer has reached 5 more finals, has 1 more title and almost won a title beating his 2...
  16. aman92

    Federer's most heartbreaking loss?

    What do you think is his most crushing loss post this final? Obviously recency bias will lead many people to vote for Wimby 2019 loss but from Federer's perspective, which loss do you think would have hurt him the most?
  17. aman92

    Federer will be 0-3 against Djokovic in Wimbledon finals

    Come Sunday when Djokovic will surely prevail to take his 5th Wimbledon title, Federer will be 0-3 against his great rival in Wimbledon finals. A weak spot in his grass court court resume and the one thing Sampras has over him on grass that despite winning 1 less title, he never lost any of his...
  18. aman92

    Nadal has the highest winning % in the Open Era

    He has surpassed 83% (for the first time in his career I believe) at Wimbledon and sits just above Borg who is at 82.73%. Djokovic is also closing in on Borg at 82.67% while Federer has surpassed 82%. Where do you think the Big 3 will finish at in their careers and at what Rank?
  19. aman92

    Nadal’s brilliant answer to a journalist when asked why Ashleigh Barty was on court 2 His use of the word polemics was brilliant
  20. aman92

    Who is the most tactically superior player in tennis history?

    I mean in terms of construction of points and shot selection. From players I have seen Nadal and Djokovic stand out but I am sure there were many others previously including the likes of Borg and Connors
  21. aman92

    Fed thinks he'll still be friends with Rafa after he retires

    But FedFans will continue to hate the Bull
  22. aman92

    Nadal vs Kyrgios - Potential Wimbledon Round 3

    Discuss. Edit: It's Round 2:oops:
  23. aman92

    Which is the best modern era GS trilogy?

    Best trilogy in GS matches in the recent era? Basically includes matches that happened 3 consecutive times at the same major.
  24. aman92

    Why is there no consistent Women's player?

    Okay i am not talking about the big 3 level of dominance but why don't we even have a consistent WTA player who manages to reach the QFs/SFs of major and avoiding early upsets. Similar to say a Murray or Wawrinka level of player? I remember when I started watching tennis in 2005 we had players...
  25. aman92

    How can Laver Cup be improved?

    Well since it's an official ATP event now, it is here to stay but let's face it the tournament currently is a bit of a joke. Europe has such a large proportion of the dominant players in the circuit that the rest of the world team comes across just a bunch of mugs. Even more so this year with...
  26. aman92

    Nadal considered shutting down his season after setback at Indian Wells.

    Revealing interview on the ATP website where he reveals he was battling constant pain throughout the first few months this season. Says his body is fine now but wouldn't rule out talking an extended break post Wimbledon... Good to see the thought of retirement has never crossed his mind despite...
  27. aman92

    Nadal needs either 2 more slams or the Aus Open to surpass Federer

    If he wins 2 more slams then he is tied at 20 with Fed and his superior H2H will act as the tiebreaker. If he wins one more Aus Open, the DCGS will be enough to break the deadlock as well. This is of course assuming Federer doesn't add to his major tally.
  28. aman92

    Are Federer fans happy Nadal won RG 2019 instead of Djokovic

    Nadal is only 2 behind Roger but if Djokovic had won he would have 4 in a row twice and with a good chance to add several more due to his domination on hard courts. Think for Fed fans, Rafa winning is the slightly better result
  29. aman92

    It's mind boggling that Djokovic has won Wimbledon 4 times

    With such a poor net game. Today he was 35 out of 71 at the net and showed his poor technique executing volleys several times. We all know about his legendary overheads...and yet this guy has won at Wimbledon 4 times - more than Mcenroe, Becker and Edberg.
  30. aman92

    Djokovic 2015 Wimbledon vs Federer 2007 Wimbledon - who will win?

    So Federer 2007 even though in his peak was taken to 5 sets by Nadal who hadn't reached his grass peak yet. What would happen if he had faced off against Peak Grassovic of 2015?