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  1. mpournaras

    Gut/Poly timeframe question

    Play that goodness until it breaks. Or once you feel it start to die cut it out (if it bothers you)
  2. mpournaras

    2019 Shoes

    Its all up on TW or TExpress. Pictures of everything at least Rafas Cages look like garbage lmao
  3. mpournaras

    Australian Open 2019 gear leaks.

    There are like 3 new colors and a whole different texture. They are both grey sure... but thats about it
  4. mpournaras

    Australian Open 2019 gear leaks.

    I dig
  5. mpournaras

    New Balance RCVRY

    Just get Zante Freshfoams on sale.
  6. mpournaras

    Federer Shoe Updates

    unlikely... that window has long since closed
  7. mpournaras

    TW HEAD Prestige Classic 600 Reissue

    Are you kidding? A "top 4-used" racket would not affect them at all. Regular ones will still sell for 400-500 and the ones used by Murray would simply cost a premium as they are "collectible"
  8. mpournaras

    Will Gulbis Leave Adidas?

    I liked it but it was DISLIKE. Gulbis will save tennis one muffed semifinal at a time
  9. mpournaras

    Wilson Sporting Goods sold?

  10. mpournaras

    Wilson Sporting Goods sold?

    Its just money. Products wont change too much in the near future. A would be shocked if the people running Wilson in Chicago changed at all. Its just a change in parent company and investing. ****, (in short) my company has been bought and sold 2x and my day to day work is identical to what it...
  11. mpournaras

    Just went through an end of season purge refresh and restock. Feels good!

    Hopefully you refresh your grips more often than at the end of the season!
  12. mpournaras

    Australian Open 2019 gear leaks.

    ...? Thats like 5 different colors
  13. mpournaras

    New Balance MC 996v3 Review

    I found them to be less than durable as well. This was from 5-6 hardcourt sessions a month (2-2.5 hours average) for 6 months. That being said... I like the upper material. I did have a some slight toe-jamming issues. And I wish the heel was a little less bulky but I suspect that lends it self...
  14. mpournaras

    2019 Shoes

    Right? I TRULY feel that anyone that is not Nike/Adidas/Asics (regardless of the quality of the shoe) needs to slot in at LEAST 10% under the price of the comparable shoe. I mean the fact that I could get the new purple 996s for 100 dollars only a MONTH after they launched tells me that NB is...
  15. mpournaras

    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Sharapova isn't selling anything for Nike anymore. The 3.5 leader of a local ladies league is a better poster for Nike. Nadal will still sell for sure
  16. mpournaras

    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Discreet and Armani are on different planets
  17. mpournaras

    2019 Shoes

    Look interesting
  18. mpournaras

    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    lmao the sneaky Snauwaert recommendation
  19. mpournaras

    Pure Drive VS News
  20. mpournaras

    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    It was Nike shoes. Which is still big
  21. mpournaras

    Sponsership changes in 2019?

    Pure Drive VS pj contenders if you ask me
  22. mpournaras

    Newest Nike Air Zoom Zeroes

    I am really digging this as a way to spice up the black pair. It looks so good.
  23. mpournaras

    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    The Speed S is so far removed from any frame any pro plays with I simply wouldn't worry about it. If you like your Touch Speed S then lucky you... you dont need to spend a dime
  24. mpournaras

    Thiem using full poly

    He knows!
  25. mpournaras

    If the Adidas Sole Court Boost replaces Barricades, Should I redeem vouchers now?

    Why not call Adidas and find out? Why would we know this?
  26. mpournaras

    Bye bye Nike enough is enough.

    5 months for a low-durability shoe is kinda impressive actually.
  27. mpournaras

    Customizations by Kimguroo ^_^

    I think I like the dual red UniQlo logos more than I like the RF logo. Bonus points for the Japanese writing
  28. mpournaras

    Wilson New Project Racquet New Line

    How the heck can so many people have it in hand with no spec leaks. Its easy to be anonymous. Like not even a damn weight. The easiest thing to measure quickly with no one looking.
  29. mpournaras

    2019 Shoes

  30. mpournaras

    2019 Shoes

    If you like a KSwiss shoe pick up a few of them. Mike Bryan is wearing Asics at ATP Finals. This could spell the end of KSwiss tennis