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    is it legal to...

    haha, you gotta love the sarcasm that seeps in on these threads =)
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    is it legal to...

    The OP needs to be more clear in their statement. You're getting different answers because the situation is being interpreted differently. By saying "one motion" you're giving the impression that the swing is one motion, while in actuality, catching the ball and dropping it over the net is...
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    Who uses both a 1H AND 2H backhand?

    I've also had a wrist soreness recently (moreso 'cause of workin' on my serve for too long), so you might wanna try some athletic tape on your wrist or some sort of elastic bandage. Ease your wrist into using the 1hbh. If the pain isn't because you're overworking your new stroke, it might be...
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    Who uses both a 1H AND 2H backhand?

    Have the same racquet and also use both a 1hbh and 2hbh. =) . Except now I only use a 2hbh for return of serve (more so I don't needa change grips). You can get away with using both, but the better the opponent, the less effective it's going to be. When the game moves faster, the time you spend...
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    racquet sound difference

    I think you 2 mis-read what the op said. He was wondering why higher level players make the dead sound, rather than amateur/low level players. Most cases I'd say that higher level players do make a rather big pop sound (that mighte not translate as much through tv & such) or they could just...
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    Why do tennis players get mad about the littlest things?

    Mental stress. If you think about it, in any other sport there are bigger gaps between each moment you need to focus the most. For tennis, you have to focus on hitting the ball every coupla seconds for a duration of probably more than an hour. A person who complains is just subconsciously...
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    Elbow pain - but not tennis elbow

    One day 2 weeks ago I slammed my elbow into a corner of a wall. There's no bruising/visible markings. The only time I notice the pain is during my serve (except not on every serve). Should I just lay off the serves for a while? Should I be doing anything else to help it along? I don't feel...
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    Elbow pain - but not tennis elbow

    One day 2 weeks ago I slammed my elbow into a corner of a wall. There's no bruising/visible markings. The only time I notice the pain is during my serve (except not on every serve). Should I just lay off the serves for a while? Should I be doing anything else to help it along? I don't feel...
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    2hbh Only on Return of Serve

    Can I get away with this? I've been switching between both backhands because I can get away with it (2hbh for defensive shots and 1hbh forfensive shots - angle and consistent depth). The more I play, however, the more I see myself committing to a 1hbh. The only problem is that when facing...
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    How to increase my serve from 110 to 125 in 4 months

    grunt at the point of contact if you don't already... it helps your body relax and collapse into the shot. I'm pretty sure this information's correct, but people can argue if not.
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    My serve is slow...

    Don't slow down your swing. In fact, speed it up. Don't be afraid of missing the ball and looking like a fool. You're not gonna get any speed if you find yourself waiting for the ball to drop a little bit more and hitting cautiously. Find your point of contact for your serve and engrain it in...
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    Can one play single and double handed backhand effectively?

    yeaa, it's advisable to choose one backhand instead of both... I'm in the same boat as you however (uses a two handed and a one handed). Although, I think it works well with the way I play. I use a double forehand two handed backhand (both hands are in eastern position) and an eastern...
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    Smurf's serve

    I'm pretty sure you're shoulders are opening up to the court too early. I don't know if you wanted critique or anything...
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    my groundstrokes please help me

    ~get into position faster (anticipate more). ~keep your non-dominant hand across your body longer ~if your hitting open stance, make sure most of your weight is on your right foot.
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    New groundstroke vid w/ stats included! Plz comment, Don't worry, I'm not defensive

    Don't know if you noticed... You switch between a closed and open stance while hitting your forehand. They both have their own benefits, but if you want to be more consistent, choose one and stick with it. I may be wrong... so someone else comment if so.
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    Boojay's Long Groundstrokes Video [4.5?]

    WOoohHhooooo. Just wondering... was the cheering section for you or for some other people in the next court? Haha, nice touch either ways. I actually think I like your backhand over your forehand, just cuz it looks way smooth. I'm not much of a rater....but I really enjoyed the video...
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    Bourne - Again

    I loved this movie! and the ending was what it should be. Don't wanna spoil anything... Definitely one of the better trilogies to see.
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    Curve Backhand anyone?

    While trying to learn an effective slice backhand (a nice deep floater to buy me time ~ not a dropshot) I seem to have picked up another shot that could be of some use. Don't know how how helpful this will be but i'll try to draw a mental picture: The ball leaves my racquet from a low contact...
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    Word Association!!

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    Question about sweet spot (photo attached)

    The reason for that red circled area to have lower power is that it's closer to the body. Think of the racquet like a whip sorta. The middle area (and lower part of the whip) can hit more consistently but with less power than towards the end. Of course, since your racquet is a racquet, hitting...
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    Why no respect for this stroke?

    I think if we're talking about the same thing, "drive slice" seems appropriate for it's name. I only really came across the shot because I use a forehand slice at times. Some people think it's awkard to hit this slice but to me it comes natural. I usually use this shot for high bouncing balls...
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    D-man is the answer I was looking for, but the rope not being tied makes sense as well. Still, no one posted the next riddle.
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    Hot Shots Tennis

    So not the best tennis game in terms of the reality of tennis...but fun nonetheless. It is really easy though, which kinda irks me. I got up to tennis tier V in one sitting and never lost, most matches ended in straight sets. It's like, if you have tennis knowledge to some extent you know howto...
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    Key Differences in Hitting Slice/Kick serve

    Hmm... Do I wrist snap up into the ball and then push it down...or wrist snap above the ball to begin with?
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    Answer: (?) put all 100 black marbles in one bowl, then put 99 white marbles on top of it. then put the last white marble in the other bowl. Because it'sa bowl, the 99 white marbles will almost always fully cover the 100 other black marbles, and the one white marbles goes in the other bowl just...
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    Key Differences in Hitting Slice/Kick serve

    Okay, so with everyone going gung-ho on topics of kick/slice/second serves I kinda felt ashamed of dinking my second serve. So the other day I went out with those bunches of ideas from everyone and experimented (of course I realize now that it almost seems fruitless to go out and change x amount...
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    Rule/Etiquette on hitting toward opponent at net?

    I tend to hit a lot of people at net during doubles... and the group I mostly hit with is kind of use to it. I still apologize, especially if I leave a mark or anything. I mean when I go for a overhead smash, of course i take a brief note of where my opponents are (doubles), but as i focus on...
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    I hit two forehands - is that seriously wrong? you have different grips for each hand? lol. that'd be pretty sick if you did.
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    I do a version of a slice lob except with more's funny because with synthetic strings, it flies high up to the right and arcs to the left usually knicking a corner. As far as a pure slice lob though...i don't really utilize it in my game. One time on a serve (kick i think) I...
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    Best Energy Gel?

    agel ohm - starfruit flavored with ginseng. (for energy of course) I think it helps.