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  1. Alexrb

    I feel like I'm getting worse...

    So I lost my video camera in the move, and just found it this past weekend. It's been 7 months since my last recording, and I set a lesson with the local pro tomorrow to work on basically everything. I realize watching feeds vs match/hitting partner play is totally different, but yesterday was...
  2. Alexrb

    Platform serve stance

    Probably a dumb question, but if you had to estimate percentages to amount of body weight on front and back foot during the trophy position of a platform serve what would it be? I always thought the majority of the weight loaded on the back foot kind of like a groundstroke (like 70/30), but my...
  3. Alexrb

    WTB/Trade for 2014 PS 95 16x19

    Anyone have 2-3 2014 PS 95 16x19's in 3/8ths grip FS or FT? I'd rather trade if there's something you're looking for, have too many rackets already.
  4. Alexrb

    Wilson Prostaff 95 Limited/DB (Japan)

    Anyone have these rackets laying around FS? Wilson Prostaff 95 Limited/DB (Japan) 95 sq in Thin beam 16x19 Thanks! Alex
  5. Alexrb

    Technique help (video inside)

    Any tips on my FH/serve below? My second serve especially used to have more bite, and I recently lost it and cannot figure out why. My FH is constantly going through bouts of extreme inconsistency/hitting long. I feel like this may be due to never reaching the 'pat the dog' stage, but for some...
  6. Alexrb

    WTB Prince Diablo Mid 93 Grommets

    Anyone have these FS?
  7. Alexrb

    Wise Issue

    Has anyone ever had an issue where the wise beeps 3-4 lbs before it hits tension? It eventually gets there, but wondering if I should send it in at this point. To be honest, I had two cats attacking my string while I was trying to do the mains and I got distracted. Ended up pulling when I...
  8. Alexrb

    Wilson Hammer H Tour

    Does anyone know if there are compatible grommets for this currently? I know the steam is similar, but it's a 96, not sure if that would work. Orange and Black Wilson Hammer H Tour Weight: 10.2oz Head Size: 95 sq. in. String Pattern: 16x20 Balance: 0pts Length: 27.25"
  9. Alexrb


    Racket enthusiast here, just wondering how grommets affect the way a racket plays. Have companies experimented making them out of different materials in the past? I imagine rubber instead of plastic could feel nice, possibly muted. I know some old old rackets didn't use them at all. They seem...
  10. Alexrb

    Gamma Prog St II + wise

    Will a gamma adapter eliminate 360 rotation for this machine? Looks like it from the description and measuring but wanted to be sure. Thx in advance!
  11. Alexrb

    How do you tell if your machine is setup properly?

    I've got a Gamma Progression II with a wise recently added on, and I've been having issues with my PS 85's cracking (favorite of the lot too). I tend to think it's not the machine, based on my thoughts in that thread, but I still want to make sure my other frames aren't being put under...
  12. Alexrb

    Ps85 cracking

    Have you guys had any experience with the ps85 cracking starting at the tie off grommet through the center of the racket? I just ordered two, and both have only been strung twice, first time by you guys and I'm not sure what to do. [/URL] [/IMG]
  13. Alexrb

    Ps85 cracking?

    I have 3 85s; One I bought several years ago from TW, and has a large crack starting from the tie off main grommet and extending up several grommets right in the center. I'll post pictures in a bit, but I suspected this was due to age. Recently though I bought two more from TW, and after two...
  14. Alexrb

    Updated Hitting Video (Including Match)

    Thoughts? Critiques? Below is mostly forehands and serves. Can anyone help me figure out why on the FH side after contact my racket head is so high before I finish? I can't figure out if it's something before, after contact, or both that's causing it, but it looks like it's robbing my FH of...
  15. Alexrb

    Help Customizing Underspec PS 90s

    About a year and a half ago I asked TW to match 5 90s as close to the website specs as possible. This was before I knew what each spec meant, and I've spent many hours since then trying to make them feel as solid as my 85 or K factors. My issue is, they're extremely headlight and low swingweight...
  16. Alexrb

    Eastern vs EE Forehand Grip

    Hi all, My forehand has gone through a ton of ups and downs, where I'll be crushing it one week and feel like an awkward duck the next. I'm trying to eliminate inconsistencies, and the grip is one I'd really like to nail down. I feel like I may be gripping it differently week in and week out...
  17. Alexrb

    Clamp Issues

    Soo..... I just upgraded to a wise on my Gamma Progression ST-II (and love it), but after stringing a couple rackets I think my clamps may need repaired or upgraded also. One of them just 'gives' when I go to clamp down on a string. I've done some research and have found quite a bit in terms of...
  18. Alexrb

    Gamma ST II + Wise

    Hi all, Quick question, I recently added a wise to my Gamma ST II and noticed the gripper is below the racket. I searched the forums and found that someone said there is an adapter to raise it higher, but it removes 360 rotation (apparently it costs $45 or so). My question is; -Am I damaging...
  19. Alexrb

    Groundstroke Help!

    First I wanted to apologize for the poor hitting (which I'm trying to fix) and the lack of editing. What do you see wrong with my groundies/footwork? My current thoughts from watching: FH - Lacks pace and feels arm-y. I think it's because I'm swinging up rather than across, but I don't know...
  20. Alexrb

    Pure Drive Cortex Grommets

    Happy Tuesday! I just picked up a couple of old Babolat Pure Drive Cortex's, and couldn't find which grommet on the site to order. Could you please help me find one's that will be compatible?
  21. Alexrb

    Demo Issue

    I referred a friend of mine to your demo program and he's had nothing but issues with it. Is this really working as intended? He placed the order on 4/21/2016 and has called twice since then. I know one of the rackets wasn't supposed to be in until 4/26/2016, so that I get. My issue is that the...
  22. Alexrb

    Seeing Fed in Miami

    Sorry if this type of thread has been overdone, but my brother and I have never seen him and are looking at tickets now (mainly because it will be cheaper than trying to do US Open). We have the option to get courtside seats the 26th during the day, but we are worried he may not play that day or...
  23. Alexrb

    Wilson Blade 2013 93 3/8ths

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Blade 93, 2013, 18x20 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 93 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 out of 10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): One hour *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): Looks...
  24. Alexrb

    Fed's WTF Outfit

    I'm looking on the US site and can't find it anymore. Is it sold out or am I just missing it?
  25. Alexrb

    Lead - Under side grommets

    Recently tearing my hamstring has given me a lot of time to mess around with my rackets. I've always hated how my 2014 PS 90s have played at 14 pts HL unstrung. Initially I put 12g under the noon bumper, but found it way too much weight for that area. Disliking the look of exposed lead, I...
  26. Alexrb

    Grade 2 Borderline 3 Hamstring Tear

    Hi guys, I just recently tore my hamstring after my front foot slipped on a line while I was sliding into a backhand on clay. MRI showed it was an almost full muscle tear 10 cm distal to the origin, with very few muscle fibers still attached. I'm three weeks in and the bruising is completely...
  27. Alexrb

    Sliding on Clay

    I was in Daytona last weekend for the 8.0 USTA mixed and ended up pulling my hamstring trying to slide into a backhand. My front foot caught one of the sidelines and vaulted forward much faster than I anticipated. My question is (with all this time off) for those who play on clay a lot, is...
  28. Alexrb

    Rate my game!

    Won 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 (only posted the first set or so). I'm the guy in the red. The opponent is usually very consistent, I think he had an off day. I'd prefer critiques so I can get better, but I think threads thrive on the rating game. My thoughts on my game (let me know if I'm wrong); My serve...
  29. Alexrb

    WTB: Flare it Grommet Wizard

    Please contact/PM me with the condition and how much you want for it. Thanks! Alex
  30. Alexrb

    Worst Post Match Interview?

    Does it get worse than Brad Gilbert interviewing Kevin Anderson after he beat Murray? Poor guy has one of the biggest wins in his career and then has to suffer these horrible questions.