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    Help with Slow Starts in Matches Needed

    One of the biggest problems I have when playing competitive matches (in a tournament, for example) is that I always need some time to get my timing right. The worst situation is when I have to play on a court where I have never played before and against an opponent I haven't played against...
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    First Serve Percentage 100!?

    I just visited the Australian Open's website and I was amazed to find out that Feliciano Lopez was leading the serve percentage statistics. It appears that in the only 5-set-match he played, he had 100% first serves in, yet he still lost the match! However, the statistics also said that his...
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    How hard did the pros hit the ball in the wooden racket era?

    I've been watching some videos of the great players in the past, like Borg. The tempo of the game was obviously slower than nowadays due to equipment limitations and maybe conditioning. I was wondering if any of you know any exact numbers or estimates of groundstroke and serve speeds (in kph or...
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    I became a victim of sandbagging!

    So, today I had a tournament match against at level that's ~3.5 . The match was against number 4 seed, so I thought I could have a chance against him since I had played a tight match against the player seeded third ( I had lost 6-4 in the third). Well, as the match started I was quite even with...
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    Ball toss in kick serve

    No, I'm not going to ask where you have to toss in order to be able to hit kick/twist. What I want to know is where your tossing arm is supposed to start the toss to get the ball behind you. If you take a look at that picture, would you start the...
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    Ball toss in serve

    Most pros toss the ball in the serve with their arm straight all the time. But some players, like for example Drakulie( watch this video , straightens the arm after he has tossed the ball. I'd like to know if it really matters how you toss because so...
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    Drills to improve the ability to return deep and fast balls?

    One shot that is difficult to return, is a quite fast-paced, that lands within 50 cm from the baseline. I can't hit with the ones who hit these kinds of shots regularly ( they've played few years more than me) too often, so my question is: Are there any good drills that would improve my...
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    Muscling the ball right before the contact?

    In his newest Article, Ron Waite says that muscling the ball for a fraction of a second right before the contact (not muscling through the whole stroke) will greatly increase the power of the stroke WHILE MAINTAINING THE CONTROL. He said that he had observed some slow-motion videos of pros and...
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    Anyone seen this?

    I don't know if this has been posted but this clip has one funny part :D
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    How to enter "the clean-hit-state" faster?

    Everyone who has played tennis for at least some time has probably noticed that on some days you're hitting the ball cleanly after few minutes but on some days it may even take over an hour! Not hitting with a clean contact in matches can easily make you lose games or even sets, depending on how...
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    Need to get rid of passivity

    Whenever I'm playing in a match, I almost always find myself playing rather passively in the second set, if I have won the first one. However, I think it's more of a mental problem than physical, because if I have lost the first set, I usually play better in the second. I'd appreciate if you...
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    How to play important matches on "lazy" days?

    My question is short but important: What to do on those days when you have an important match and absolutely have no motivation or energy to play on that day? What do you do to drive that laziness off? Thanks in advance!
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    I need more flexibility!

    I'd like to know how I should stretch to get more flexible shoulders and other body parts used in groundstrokes and serve. I want to increase the range of motion in order to get little extra speed and to my strokes and serve. So, what kind of stretching exercises should I do?
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    Is winning a match with mental tricks unfair?

    In the game of tennis, probably one of the best ways to win a match is to play your best game and make your opponent play his worst game. Any style of play can result in opponent playing badly, but pushing usually works the best when it comes to actual play. Play style is not limited by the...
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    Hand/wrist problems

    I hadn't played for tennis for a while because of winter , so I went to an indoors court few weeks ago. When I tried to hit a forehand, I soon found out that it had become very painful. Backhand and other strokes were fine , but when hitting a forehand , It just hurt too much when I tried to hit...
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    How fast is Federer's forehand?

    I know that Federer's forehand isn't such a big bomb as for example Gonzo's when it comes to speed, but It's certainly not a slow one either. Does anyone here know how fast his forehand is when he whacks the ball for a winner?
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    Have you ever seen a pro miss a serve?

    This just came in to my mind because I just recalled seeing some ATP pro - whose name I can't even remember - actually trying to hit a 1st serve and missing on that serve during some grass tournament last summer. It counted as a serve since he had swung his racket ,even though he didn't hit the...
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    How long does it take to get rid of Jumper's knee?

    I've had jumper's knee for a few weeks now , and I've recently started doing some exercises that should help me get rid of it. I was wondering how long it takes to get rid of jumper's knee...? If you know or have personal experience about it , please tell me.
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    Reading a serve

    What else is there to read than the toss of the serve? How can you read the direction of the serve? Of course ,for example, if the toss is a slice toss , the serve will obviously come more to my right and thus it's possible to somewhat read the direction. But what if it's a flat serve, how do I...
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    Flat forehand grip

    What grip to use if I want to hit flat forehand from a high ball( lower than smash height , about chest-height)? Should I just stick with my basic Sw forehand grip? Or should I use continental , which I use for smash? Personally I think bh flat is easier to hit. I use continental for that and...
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    Which ability makes a better server?

    Which makes a better server , ability to have a perfect disguise for serve so that it's very hard to read, or the ability to serve very fast serves?
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    Pros' second serve grips

    I'd like to know what grips pros use in second serves. Post if you know any.
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    NTRP determining

    Should I determine players' NTRPs by that what they can do at their best, in 'the high concentration mode' or just how they usually play? Also , I have friends that play very differently depending on if they're in a match or just practice. I assume I should take a note of that too?
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    Advancing from 5.5 to 6.0

    First I'd like to say that I'm certainly not 5.5 or 6.0. Just wondering what's needed at that point to advance to the next level. Most NTRP infos just say "these players have national ranking and seriously consider of taking part in Satellite tournaments" or something like that. Is it just more...