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    Spinshot ball machine service stand

    Right, but it changes the amount of time you have to react to the ball
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    rule question : very very quick underhand serve

    I do kyrgios styled UH serves quite often against other 4.0s around my club and the park. They're pretty fun to mix in but definitely within the reaction time that people will often get to them. Maybe at a stretch but it's not usually a clean winner once they know it might happen. And I have a...
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    Clemson Tiger tennis Liu out for the season :'(
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    rule question : very very quick underhand serve

    I feel like this is a legitimate call for a let. I'm all for a good underhand serve, but you still gotta make sure the receiver is ready
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    This sounds like a you problem :shrug: it's very common to not be able to stop your swing calling A close serve and put it back on the other side. Even if he was just trying to hit it back to you and mistimed that's still a very common occurrence. You should stick to your guns on#1 and I can...
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    Fwiw I also won't take one that's offered in this situation. I just very much consider a ball rolling around the court in this scenario pretty normal, it's not like it's much further or more time than if it was served in the net and rolled at a skew into the doubles alley or something. No one...
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    Like being within the rules <<< being a good sport and having a fun time imo
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    Worst Tennis Etiquette EVER

    I've definitely experienced worse with randoms at the park, that's pretty bad etiquette still. If it was at a club: completely ridiculous. 3 I disagree with you, I don't ever expect, take, or give firsts for waiting on a ball that ended up somewhere as a result of a serve (and it's very common...
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    Where do you hit the ball when you poach?

    Depends how much time I have and how high the volley is. If it's not one I can put away clean, or not a dripper I'm just trying to do what I can with I'll go for the netmans feet. More specifically I'm aiming a little behind his feet, preferably on his backhand side so that it's hard to get a...
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    Spinshot ball machine service stand

    Couldn't you just move the stand further in the court to make up the speed difference? (No exp with any of this equipment)
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    Not knowing your rating

    I feel like the disconnect is that casual tennis people playing with other casual tennis people and never encountering the club tennis world can have a very skewed understanding when reading the USTA descriptions. They just don't know what they don't know till they actually hit with someone...
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    Please analyze my serve

    Serve looks pretty nice. Agree with above about leg drive as you get older and gain strength. Tossing arm looks like it's in a weird position for a while, more to your right (toward the camera) but you seem to fix it before the swing through. I would say that, unless you're having some sort of...
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I have a reel of 17 in orange. Currently my go to but I could cut off some sets depending what you have to trade
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    It's frustrating to watch. Can we switch to clay. Or install some 240fps cameras on both ends and have some sorta live review system goin on using frame by frame.
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    Are most outdoor courts in your city locked up?

    I know at my highschool they installed magnetic locks, but anyone was welcome to get a key fob if they lived in the district (you just had to be a resident, not a student) Might wanna inquire with whoever would be the relevant parties and see if they allow access.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    They've turned this Princeton game into an exciting match. Some questionable calls and Princeton is getting maddddd (although they're cutting both ways, this is the first time they're helping Clemson more than hurting)
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    Topspin lob return in doubles help

    I mean yeah, but also it's 3.5-4.0 a lot of my opponents serves do suck. Hell a good fifth-quarter of the people I play waiters tray dink the second serve in doubles.
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    Topspin lob return in doubles help

    A shroud video with no hood!?!?!? Clearly this is a deepfake. Did any lob even happen irl
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    Topspin lob return in doubles help

    If they have a rocket serve or move you a lot with placement, probably not a great idea. But I'd say 80% of the first serves I see in rec tennis at the 3.5 and 4.0 level I can topspin lob if I have somewhat of a read on it. It's just hard to get the RHS you need to get the ball up and still in...
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    Wilson pro staff 97

    Wooo discounted pro staffs are only 7-10 years away!
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    What could the USTA do to increase participation...

    Definitely, but as someone who's just getting back into it after a post college break: if you weren't in the club tennis world this kinda answer isn't apparent or readily available/findable. I played highschool and 2 years of college, but was never super involved in tennis. When I tried to pick...
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    Let's discuss tennis and menstruation

    Just a thought if taking them before/during doesn't seem to have an effect again next month: Is there a reason not to get on a daily routine with them regardless of time of the month? The same as one might a multivitamin. Probably unlikely, but if anemia and ferratin levels are partially to...
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    Sergetti Stringing Method - it is really good.

    Have you ever tried stringing low tension? My impression was that people who liked sergetti were really just fans of the lower tension and that the proportional method didn't really have much noticable effect other than softening up the stringbed. But the person saying that was obviously a...
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    Ask The Hitman

    I'm lucky right now that I've found a group and have the time to play tennis for a couple hours a day most days. I ballooned up post college when I stopped swimming and am currently working on getting back down to 200lbs (@228 from a max of 250!). Which has mostly just been controlling calories...
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Rumor in the stands was injury, but I didn't hear anything more concrete.
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    Where do you have Thiem in FO2020?

    After this AO what odds are you giving thiem against the field at the FO? I'm feeling like: Nadal 40% Theim 30% Djoko 10% Field 20%
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    If you are Thiem's coach, what tactic you would use tomorrow?

    I would advise he hit the ball over the net and into the court one more time on avg than Djokovic
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    Am I Wasting My Time?

    Yeah, few people take the approach that having playing partners means they want lessons less. Because once you find someone who consistently beats you the whole motivation becomes figuring out next steps to beat them. And for most that's not necessarily something they can figure out unguided
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    Who can stop novak Djokovic at 2020 Wimbledon ? ( serious )

    The only one who can stop Novak at the AO is Novak
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    Am I Wasting My Time?

    It's partially critical mass, but I think a larger issues (that may be less common in major metropolitan areas) is that once people find a group or a couple consistent partners they stop checking the apps/websites and treat emails from them as spam. I actually messaged some of my current...