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    Head FP Radical Tour Grommets

    Does anyone know where I can get some grommets for my head flexpoint radical tour? I tired a youtek radical pro grommet set and tennis warehouse said I could try the microgel radical pro but It might not work because of the flexpoint joint. The older radicals won't work because of the 16X19...
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    Leather grips

    I was looking at the leather replacement grips and was wondering which one you guys thought was the best. I have found the gamma, babolat, tennis warehouse brand and couple others. I really like my grips thin so I can feel the handle and bevels.
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    grooved grips

    I love to feel my handle and the grooves. I read that a leather replacement grip is the best for this. Is there any other grips that are good for this?
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    wrapping grips

    I was reading an interview with Roman Prokes in one of my old tennis magazines. He was talking about all the way to wrap your grip: Gripping is something that most people overlook when customizing their racquet. There is a huge selection of grips, such as leather, cushion or over grips. It...
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    Wanted: Head Flexpoint Radical Tour

    I absolutly love my Head FXP Radical Tour in 4 5/8 grip and cannot find any place to buy a spare. Does anyone have one in 5/8 or 1/2 in any condition that they would be willing to sell?
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    US Open racquet setups

    Does anyone the tensions/racquet setups from any of the players of this past US Open?
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    andre's string tension

    Does any one know what tension agassi strung his racquets at? I know he used a different tension for night matches at the us open. I have found 27 kg and 66 lbs on the other threads.
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    ProStaff question

    I am trying to help someone update their racquet since it broke. She used to play with a wilson prostaff 4.2 95. Any suggestesions? It does not have to be a wilson.
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    Nadal's tension

    Does anyone know what tension Nadal strings his racquets at?
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    Nadal's setup

    Does anyone know how Nadal sets up his racquet?
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    Pete sampras current tension

    Does anybody know the tension the Pete Sampras currently uses?
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    ALU and Cyber Flash

    Does any one know the difference between Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough and Topspin Cyber Flash?
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    Fed's strings

    Why does Federer use gut in the mains and polyester in the crosses instead of the other way around?
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    Power Pads

    Does anyone know where I can buy leather power pads?
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    Head flexpoint radical tour

    I am looking for a head flexpoint radical tour in a 4 5/8 grip size.
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    Head radicals

    Does anyone know the weight and balance for the ti radical os and the i radical os?
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    Serena's racquet

    Does any one know the specs on serena's new racquet? I know she adds a little weight, but where does she add it?
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    sampras' racquet

    I was looking through the posts trying to find spects on his custome racquets but couldn't. I know he used 1/4 in lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock. How long were the pieces? Did he use a piece below and above the grommet or just one piece with the grommets punched through the lead?
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    Head CAP grommets

    Which head racquets can use the CAP grommets? Can the flexipoint radical tour mp? Where do you get the CAP grommets?