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  1. Larrysümmers

    Tennis magazine article on what to do when you are the weakest link in doubles

    Hey, I found this helpful article and I think it would benefit your doubles game. Show it to them and just talk about mistakes that you noticed and how they would benefit from changing what they're doing. Just do it in with a polite tone
  2. Larrysümmers

    How much do your skills deteriorate after a lay off?

    I think it depends on how ingrained the strokes are into your muscle memory. When I first started playing, the winter really threw off my game and I basically started fresh in the spring. Now, I only play a few times a year, yet the time doesn't affect me too bad. I am rusty around the edges and...
  3. Larrysümmers

    Which racket has highest spin by experience?

    I voted for the Prince pro tour 100 esp. I haven't played with them all, but I've played many rackets over my years. I compare it to the tt warrior os. It's very user friendly and soft. For volleys and ground strokes, it feels nice sold and whippy like the apd. These rackets are both solid and...
  4. Larrysümmers

    Your US Open predictions (Champions, dark horses, disappointing players)

    It'd be cool to see Ryan Harrison get a few rounds. He's in the final round of qualifying.
  5. Larrysümmers

    How do you spin a racket with your finger?

    Fed is the goat and he knows it
  6. Larrysümmers

    Gosen Polylon - Best Value

    Love that stuff!
  7. Larrysümmers

    Maybe I Should Buy a Stringer...

    For real: the klippermate was a great investment that I made in high school. Plop it on a table and watch some tv and string. Take a little getting used to, but you can have fresh string at any given time. Also, made some money back by stringing for people
  8. Larrysümmers

    More important than your racquet is a custom grip

    I have some shimmy wedges I bought for something. I might try to use that. I do feel that a bigger grip helps. It feels more stable in your hand, and, for me, doesn't prohibit wrist action.
  9. Larrysümmers

    90 square inch too small for modern game?

    i like the big, powerful rackets for competitive play. i can hit the same shot with my prestige mid, but it is a lot easier with the pdr. for me its easier to control the power, than hitting a power shot with a mid.
  10. Larrysümmers

    1960's Tennis Rackets on Hardcourt

    i notice that with the wooden rackets you have to be deliberate with your actions. the new rackets allow to "hold on the ball" a little bit longer because you can swing them so much faster. rackets are like arms. as weapons became more powerful, war evolved; as with tennis. they are real cool...
  11. Larrysümmers

    What's Your Routine For Battling 'Tightness' During Match?

    true. i guess what i was more meaning on meaning was that you shouldnt be afraid of your nerves. when you feel nervous you just gotta put them on the back burner. granted-this is way easier said than done. theres a reason why the pros talk to sports psychologists. even the greats admit to...
  12. Larrysümmers

    1960's Tennis Rackets on Hardcourt

    i have a bunch of random wooden rackets which ive collected over the years. being only 22 my first racket was the ncode series, so ive known nothing but the very high powered modern rackets. i really like playing with them, you can swing those things quite easily for their mass; that fast swing...
  13. Larrysümmers

    What's Your Routine For Battling 'Tightness' During Match?

    i don't recommend acknowledging your nerves. you gotta keep your head up, ball tucked and run through your nervousness. experience also helps, get in as much match play in with different style players. after a while youll be 5-4 serving for the set so many times that it doesnt faze you. in late...
  14. Larrysümmers

    How do I slap the ball?

    It's one of those shots that just sort of happen.
  15. Larrysümmers

    Define Pusher and Junk Baller

    I see pushers as the people who hits off speed shots to the middle of the court. They rely on you missing. Junkballers, well, throw junk at you to get you off your game
  16. Larrysümmers

    Using 2 over grips...

    On my old tt warriors. Used 2 grips on bare handle
  17. Larrysümmers

    Is doing hons. Classes necessary for serious tennis players ?

    ask if she is confident that she can handle it. if she struggles or doesn't like it, then they, usually, put them in normal classes. unless you are interested in being a scholar, honor classes aren't a big to do.
  18. Larrysümmers

    Becoming a Morning Person

    My alarm is set to quarter after 4. i give myself plenty of time to wake up and get ready for my 6am day. I have the coffee set to be ready by the time i am done getting dressed, and in the kitchen. I spark one and drink coffee and talk tennis until i have to use the restroom. When that is over...
  19. Larrysümmers

    Playing 6-7 times a week for a developing player?

    I think it's fine as long as you are having fun playing.
  20. Larrysümmers

    Why no love for the 14x18 pattern?

    GraphiteSaber widebody mid 30 That's what it says on the racket.
  21. Larrysümmers

    Why no love for the 14x18 pattern?

    I have a pro kennex that's 90'' 14*18. My favorite serving racket
  22. Larrysümmers

    How do you improve footwork and shot accuracy during a match?

    Real matches take a lot of focus and energy.
  23. Larrysümmers

    Open stance 2HBH?

    Do what is comfortable and works for you. Learning to square up, step into it, and crack it down the line is also important.
  24. Larrysümmers

    What do you...

    I like a racket with raw power, and easy access to spin. Has to feel good though
  25. Larrysümmers

    Serve & velley double 4.0 player's racquet

    I agree with the microgel rad midplus. Great racket, does everything well, particularly serving and at net. I added a leather grip and it felt perfect
  26. Larrysümmers

    Strings for 12yo String Breaker

    Buy more string and another racket
  27. Larrysümmers

    D>D>D> Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite Club D>D>D>

    just got one and im really impressed. it was heavy enough, but also light enough, really easy to swing. hopefully ill be playing with it today
  28. Larrysümmers

    power of the racquet and serve

    i find people with higher powered rackets seem to put less effort in their serves than people with lower powered. pdr was so easy and with the prestige mid really have to put some oomph into it
  29. Larrysümmers

    Confidence during matches

    just got to play to win that point. easier said than done i know, but treat every point like match point, run every ball down.