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    Hit partner in Tallahassee June 3-9?

    I’m going to be in the Tallahassee area the week of June 3-9. would love to get a hit or two in while in town if possible. I’m a 38 yo former college player (div II) - my level is 4.5/5.0. If you will be in the area and are similar level and would like to hit, shoot me an email at...
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    Best Cushioned Tennis Shoe?

    Hi Folks! I’m asking opinions from others on best cushioned Tennis shoe. Approaching 40 years of age, cushioning is becoming more paramount as I can feel the difference in cushioning of shoes in the joints after a session of hitting/playing. Want to play as long as I can and - while i’m...
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    grunt gate

    it finally happened. a player on the wta finally complained to the umpire. it doesn't hurt the anti-grunter crowd that the woman who complained is ranked no. 1 in the world. Yes, it's technically against the rules to grunt for a prolonged period of time. No, the tournaments and umpires...
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    Similarities between tennis and baseball

    Tennis reminds me so much of baseball in that: You pitch (serve) You hit (return) but - you are both pitcher and batter you virtually never sit the bench you're constantly switch hitting you're constantly moving while batting (rallies) In baseball terms, Fed won the AO by being a great...
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    Anybody else out there wanna see tennis at Winter Olympics?

    I'm only half kidding. :)
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    Anybody been a live spectator at iconic matches?

    Would love to hear others' experiences from being at some of the biggest historical matches as an audience member. I can't say I've been to any of the big ones that come to mind, but can only imagine what it must be like to be in the house for matches such as: (just a few examples) AO17 fed...
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    Identity of the US Open?

    Like most tennis fans, I get EXTREMELY excited when grand slams are around the corner. But I get least excited about the USO, and I think that is for a couple of reasons. Reason no. 1 is that while the other three slams all have a unique identity: -AO "happy slam" where players by and large...
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    Nishikori shoes?

    IG - Tennis academy 1 0 1 Nishi practicing Shoes on his feet - anybody know what these are? A member here posted about a "Vapor Legacy" shoe to take place of 9.5 this year... Looks like they have the midsole/footframe of the 9.5, along with the fingers lacing system... with slight change to...
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    John McEnroe’s Shoes @ AO18 :)

    John McEnroe in the legends doubles was wearing his Nike Vapor 9 PE’s. It looks (to me) like a hybrid of the Vapor 9 upper and the shoes he wore in the 80’s (challenge court, I think they were called, and mac attack). Just posting here if anyone wanted to see it. It’s fascinating to me that...
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    Catalyst for Real Discussions about Injuries in Tennis?

    What do you all think? So many injuries for guys in the top 10 Nadal Djokovic Murray Wawrinka Nishikori Raonic Crazy? Seems crazy. I know several of these guys are north of thirty, but players are playing longer in tennis as well as other sports. Science has come leaps and bounds...
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    Who isn't sleeping during AO?

    Since the matches are playing throughout the night where I live, I have trading night sleep for day naps in order to watch as many matches as often as possible. (I am loving the WatchESPN streaming). Anybody else bleary eyed over this inaugural slam Down Under?
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    Last year I luckily predicted the score of the men's AO final

    I picked Fed to win 6-3 in the fifth set. I didn't call any of the other set scores, just that it was to be Fed 6-3 in 5. I didn't bet any money. All i did was text a friend. I wanted to "time stamp" the text, for posterity (not that anyone but me would care) but I did not know how, and I...
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    Call Mizuno Immediately

    Because we gotta help Sandgren out. What he wore versus Thiem looks like a challenger outfit AT BEST. These are the big leagues, man. Quarters of a Slam. At least get rid of the yellow headband. Aqua will be fine. And he's gonna need a real top. And shorts. Just a whole new outfit...
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    JW Tsonga - All Class

    How cool was that handshake at the end of the match with Kyrgios? Guy is all class. That's what sport is all about.
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    Andrey Rublev Shoe Malfunction

    "New shoes please. One of Andrey Rublev's shoes somehow malfunctioned or fell apart during the fourth set of his match against Grigor Dimitrov. Rublev had to get a ball boy to pick up a spare pair of sneakers handed over the fence from someone in his support group." - Niall Seewang @ ESPN...
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    UH.. RAFA?

    What are you wearing?
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    Soliciting advice from TT! Indian Wells - to see Fed live once!

    Hello Talk Tennis! A friend is planning on going to Indian Wells this year. His goal is to go to one session, to see Fed play live. I'm asking advice regarding scheduling. He will probably only be able to go for a day (or maybe two). My question is how might he best go about buying tickets...
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    just a little revisit - nadal verdasco AO 09 sf

    Goodness, this was an incredible match. Obviously it is often called up as one of the great matches of the 2000's... after just watching the highlights, I can see why. What was crazy to me was the playing level, point after point, set after set. There was so much variety by both players -...
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    Impressions on A few pros I have seen play live

    I have had the good fortune of seeing several players play live over the last fifteen years or so. Probably seen less live tennis than many others here, but wanted to share my impressions of these players I saw - especially the things that stayed with me over time. Pete Sampras Watched him...