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    Racquet face management

    I heard this concept from a youtube video by Kevin Garlington. But there is not much in-depth description about this. Recently I read a post talking about forehand forms. the swing path low to high makes Racquet face more open; however the forearm pronation makes Racquet face more close. So...
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    How to hit short slice

    People aren't talking about slice a lot. Many youtube videos teach you how to hit a offensive/knifing slice, or defensive slice. However, short slice is a good set up, especially against baseline players. I practice many slice this year. My understanding of the power source of slice is 1...
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    Slice wrist position

    In the video, the coach told that the backhand slice wrist position should be extension and radial deviation and maintain that position He also said the slice grip should be continental. I checked several videos, and I found many player have radial deviation but not everyone has extension. I...
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    Replacement racquet of Pro Kennex Kinetics Q5

    I have a pro kennex kinetics q5 315 racquet. I believe it is this one because of exact same paint: That model is discontinued. What is the replacement model of my racquet? Is this one...
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    mid court and at net grip

    I was taught to use continental grip for everything other than forehand and backhand, but recently i have some doubt about this: 1. this video suggests using between continental and eastern forehand grip for forehand volley 2. in udemy's agassi's tennis class, he told that he use eastern...
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    Anti fog product recommendation

    I brought a sports google. It's close to my face and I was told to use anti fog cloth or some other product to keep it from fogging up. I checked amazon and found mah
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    Tennis shoes for flat feet

    I brought a few pairs of tennis shoes without paying much details, and ended up feeling not comfortable and sometimes pain. Later I search online for shoe buying tips, one of the tip is to choose for the foot type. my feet is pretty flat. how can i find the shoes that is made for my foot type...
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    index finger knuckle pain

    I don't know what I did wrong but found recently that I have index finger knuckle pain after tennis. i relaxed 3 weeks then try to exercise again then found it uncomfortable. If I play more, it would become pain again. Does anyone know what to do? what kind of doctor should I see or any method...
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    question on split step technique

    I am recreational level player, about 3.5-4.0. what split step time should i have? many coaching materials say i should do split step at opponents contact of ball. when my opponent hit the ball, i should be in the air. the problem is that after he hits the ball, i land. since i jump and i...