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    FS Wilson Nblade white buttcap 4 1/2

    Im selling this Wilson Nblade that a local club pro gave to me because he has no need for it anymore and i do not use this racket. Comes with a brand new Wilson Leather grip new grommets, and a white Wilson buttcap with a trap door. I believe it was only used for 1 month. It has minor...
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    Babolat PD2?!?!?!

    Who knows the name of the new Babolat Andy is using but here it is i guess.
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    New Fischer Racket??

    Any new Fischer rackets coming out soon??
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    Major PJ

    Hey guys i wanna invite you to go to that "auction" site and search for this item. 7188905571 I would have gone for it but the grip is too big.
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    Reebok matchday pumps

    is there supposed to be a card or certificate that comes with these shoes in order to use the 6-month warranty?
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    Another Gasquet & Nadal Third RD?

    Im sorry if someone already made this thread but you think there will be another Gasquet & Nadal thrid rd. If so then who wins this time. I think Gasquet.
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    Barricade III Warranty

    I got a question about he BIII warranty. In this other thread it says that we can send them back to you and the replacement shoe will come faster then if it was sent directly to adidas. The guy also said that he bought the...
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    Fischer Gear

    I was wondering if you will be stocking up on any new Fischer gear anytime soon. Im not talking about the magnetic speed rackets. Im more interested in this retro line of bags i saw on their site. If so, will there be a 10 pack or is it only that...
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    dangers of lead tape?

    I was just wondering how much lead is in lead tape? Or the danger levels of using lead tape that you guys sell?
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    David Ferrer

    Anyone see his new PJ. Getty images photo #52988347.
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    # of Rackets a College Player Carries

    I was just wondering how many rackets a typical college player carries. Also if you reply, what div or college do you or someone you know come from. THX
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    Is it just me?

    I was wondering if you other tennis players see what i see or is it just me. Ive played against many people, top juinors and some semi pros alike. Is it me or the top juinors are harder to beat then the semi pros. I know that the semi pros are A LOT better then the juinors but its always...
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    Unique Strings

    I recently bought some Unique Tourna Poly strings direct from Unique. I was wondering if you will widen your selection of Unique strings with strings like this including the reel form of this string. THX
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    Calling All Kirschbaum Users

    I love using kirschbaum and Luxilon and all polys alike. But for the kirschbaum super smash honey users, Unique Sports offers the exact strings but under their name. Tourna Poly strings. They are offered in 16g, 17g, and 18g. Trust me, either Unique Sports is making the strings for Kirschbaum...
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    What a PJ

    Clearly this does not look like a ncode 6.1. More like a surge with a PJ. Goto this **** link and see for yourself. http://cgi.****.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=66831&item=7151951866&rd=1