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    Eastern Forehand Grip = Less Pain

    I used to hit my forehand with a semi-western grip, and although I got a lot of spin on it and crushed high balls better, I started to have rotator-cuff pain that got worse in time. I also think the windshield wiper motion contributed to this. So I decided to do rehabilitation exercises to...
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    Loopy, high balls.

    Hello there. I'm a beginner tennis player and I'm having quite a difficult time handling high topspin balls, especially on my two handed BH. I'm not very tall and my timing is not that great to take them early, I tend to mis hit a lot when I try to. What's more, my opponent almost always...
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    Prince Speedport White

    Is this racquet a good racquet for a beginner? Why? Why not? I like to play baseline and 2 handed backhand is my best shot.
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    Service motion

    Why do some pros put their legs together when serving (Sharapova, Murray etc) and some don't (Hingis, Federer, Henin)? Does any of these things help your serve or it's just a personal preference? Finally, which players' service motion do you like?