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    Rublev very annoying

    Finally found out what Rublev’s grunt reminded me of:
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    2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

    Russians are better at looking unimpressed than anyone else in the world.
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    Where can I find these Nike socks?

    Thanks @Jimbud, you seem to be right :(
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    Where can I find these Nike socks?

    Or the ones Del Potro is wearing at Indian Wells. I have never seen them in a store, nor in a webshop.
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    2017 Australian Open SF: [4] S Wawrinka vs. [17] R Federer

    For me the opposite, I watched the first 2 sets and just got back now: wtf!
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    Point difference between #1 and #2 largest ever (unadjusted)

    True, absolutely. I meant more in terms of names/statuses of these players. Roger and Rafa have there (huge) piece of history and you couldn't/wouldn't imagine someone pulling that much of a gap.
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    Point difference between #1 and #2 largest ever (unadjusted)

    This stat is also pretty crazy: Ranking points Novak: 13845 Ranking points Roger and Rafa combined: 13820
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    WTF warmup

    We got ourselves a WTF warmup, all quarterfinals are potential WTF match ups. Has that ever happened before in the pre-TWC/TMC/WTF tournament?
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    Basel 2013 QF FEDERER vs DIMITROV

    Don't care about the shirt discussion but yes, finally a shirt which isn't pulled deep in his armpits. Good fit!
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    Basel 2013 QF FEDERER vs DIMITROV

    Dimitrov even trying to imitate Fed's BP conversion :)
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    ATP 500 Beijing discussion thread

    Fog's coach telling him to stay on the court :-)
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    The official David Nalbandian retirement tribute thread.

    I wish he had won the Davis Cup at least once. He was very passionate about playing for his country
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    [2] Rafael NADAL (ESP) vs [22] Philipp KOHLSCHREIBER (GER)

    Wondering how much Andrej Medvedev would sweat in these conditions...
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    Check this out... Look at total points won in set 3 :-)
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    If every pro was only allowed to hit a slice backhand. Who would be top players?

    Look at Fed's slice at 00:24 in this vid: Court level makes it even more impressive :-)
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    What Verdasco drink?

    Looks like Mirka in a few years
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    Davis Cup 2013 Thread

    His scream reminds me of Mariano Puerta
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    Records RF could (and will) break the coming Grand Slams

    Yes, the consecutive records are crazy :) Most consecutive titles since ATP was formed in '72 (3, tied with Sampras, Nadal and Djokovic, but the only one who did it twice (in consecutive years ;))) Most consecutive finals (10, als second with 8 finals) Most consecutive Semifinals (23) Most...
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    Records RF could (and will) break the coming Grand Slams

    WB '12: Most SF appearances (32) US '12: Most match wins on hardcourt GS's (needs 4 wins) RG '13: Most match wins at RG (needs 4 wins starting at RG '12 QF) US '13: Most QF appearances (42) AO '14: Most consecutive appearances (57)
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    Nadal - Dolgopolov Match thread

    Mayhem in Melbourne!
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    federer vs roddick record.other hilarious records

    I retired with a balanced record against every top player
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    shortest open era ATP match?

    Roland Garros '93 R64: Sergi Bruguera - Thierry Champion 60 60 60 - 60 min.
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    God I love watching Youzhny play

    Australian Open 2010 1st round against Gasquet, loved that match!
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    Tomic - what kinda shot is this? O.O

    Can he pull of the shot Roddick mentioned in this vid? :)
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    Who is the best drop shoter on the ATP-tour?

    I always loved Coria's inside out forehand dropshot. Can't find too many video's unfortunately, but here's one: