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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    i was talking about joker beat nadel in RG in 2015. In RG in 2015, only joker beat nadal. since 2005, there were only 2 man beat Nadal in French open, Fed wasn't any of those two.
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    like i said, you are not winner of the match if you lose every match point of your own. i don't know what will happen to joker when he is 38, still 5-6 years to go. but i know federer losed every grand slam match with joker since 2012. if joker was in form during 2016-2018, federer couldn't get...
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    Novak has beaten Rafa in RG before, which Federer has not done and will not do in his life.
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    I bet you joker's career will last longer than 38 year old. He claimed that already. Simply because the new technology in training, the althelets play longer.
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    even a championship point away from champion is still not champion. using elo system, nadal already has more slams than federer now we are using federer fan's favorite way to decide who is goat by counting slams, and federer fans are not happy any more.
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    Djokovic's dad refers to Thiem as "some Austrian..."

    sure they will have gymnastic style score to decide who is winner. if you hit inside the lines won't matter anymore.
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    Racquet face management

    the "low level" has context: if you want to have accurate placement in your game, or if your game requires accurate placement. IMO, less than 4.0. If you like to progress toward 4.5 or above, you probably naturally seek accurate placement. of course you can say if your rally speedy average more...
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    Who will win the most grand slams of this group?

    don't change topic. we are talking about domination in this sport, not domination in a sector of this sport.
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    Racquet face management

    lag to offset contact angle, makes sense geologically. however that happens in milliseconds, how train on this? lag appears when core starts accelaration, then the lag is less and less when moving toward contact. both core rotation and lag disappearance makes racquet angle toward left (for...
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    Who will win the most grand slams of this group?

    next gen may not have dominator, but the topic isn't about who dominates. domination is a different topic, more about level elevation from atp avg for time being. slam number is more about accumulation. nadal and federer started accumulation stragety at least 5 years back. now joker is adopting...
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    Who will win the most grand slams of this group?

    people typically link thiem to nadal and link medvedev to djokovic. sorry fed fans, djokovic replaced fed, so you can say link medvedev to fed as well. give nadal and djokovic similar age, we can assume they retire at similar time. however, thiem is not nadal. he is competitive on clay but also...
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    Can you train yourself to see the ball at faster speeds or is it more about natural talent?

    not sure about pro speed. but in club level, 100% are less than 90 mph. that's trainable. you can use ball machine for progression first shoot to your forehand then a step to your forehand then to the corner you should be able to return 95% of serves that's less than 90mph.
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    Would Federer won more slams if the courts were faster

    depends on how fast. but he didn't win winblemdon last year. i would say no.
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    Changing direction of your shot at the last moment

    i think it's overstating the disguise side. even 5.5 don't need to disguise much. all you need to do is train to decide hitting direction based on your opponent movement, and then execute your hitting without hesitation. it's more complicated than simple inside out hitting. it adds two things on...
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    My 5 point checklist to find opponent weakness....

    I would disagree on this. you are mixing match and practice.
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    First Shot After Serve Help!

    My plan is to use ball machine to mimic the return of serve. I will do a split step inside base line at the sound from ball machine to simulate a late split step. In that case, I can practice the worst scenario. I think this is a good topic. Most points finish within 4 shots. If you serve, and...
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    Return of the return

    i would practice split step after serving and move back to the recover position. In case you have good 1st serve, you can recover a step inside the baseline hope a short return. but if you got caught with a deep return, you need to stay low.
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    Should I buy a ball machine?

    it's misconception to discuss random feeding about ball machine. BTW, there are high end machine that can feed balls randomly. for most ball machine, their feedings are predictable, and that's the point. because there are many similar situations you are facing during the machine. you need to...
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    Should I buy a ball machine?

    I have a machine for 3 years. it's worth of it: there are many cheap ball machines nobody is going to feed you thousands to practice volley nobody is going to feed you thousands to practice overhead nobody is going to feed you thousands to practice slice nobody is going to feed you thousands to...
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    How to focus on where and how to hit, instead of on hitting well, in a match

    The steps should be: practice your shot enough, so you know where the ball would go after contact, even into the net or out. So during the match, you don't need to think "how to hit to the right corner" sort of stuff. You should already know how to hit to the right corner before the match, even...
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    Racquet face management

    I heard this concept from a youtube video by Kevin Garlington. But there is not much in-depth description about this. Recently I read a post talking about forehand forms. the swing path low to high makes Racquet face more open; however the forearm pronation makes Racquet face more close. So...
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    Ideal IQ of great tennis player

    By IQ definition (you may arge pyschology is not a complete science), IQ is the intelligence and IQ test is designed to cover all aspect of intelligence. In terms of "relatively strongly positive correlation between high-level chess players and IQ", you emphasis on strongly positive correlation...
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    "It's like a chess game...."

    tennis and chess has a difference: in chess, both side has equal power, but tennis players don't. however, strategy wise, it's the same. if you are a good chess player, you may win a game even with power disadvantage, i.e. you have one horse less than your opponent. in the similarity side: you...
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    2hbh hand seperation

    i think that depends on you are right hand dominant or left hand dominant. if you are left hand dominant, 2 hands should be more closed; otherwise, they can be more separated.
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    Ideal IQ of great tennis player

    I don't think tennis needs high IQ. Here are 2 areas: quick calculation on shot selection. but once you inner the calculation, that doesn't require much. good basic stats to decide strategy. club players don't do this much because they usually have just one game so that doesn't matter. pros...
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    Losing makes me not enjoy tennis, help!

    if you lose a lot (> 80% something), then you don't belong to 4.0 if you don't enjoy on the match you lose and you don't lose a lot, then tennis is not the game for you, you should change your hobby.
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    My slice vs Roger’s

    depending on levels, techniques can vary. slice is not practiced as much as top spin drive in modern tennis. so i would suggest to start with simple technique first several years. that said, you want to simply variables. The effect on balls are determined on racquet face and racquet head speed...
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    Girl can hit ATP forehand

    she finishes too much to the left. the highest racquet head speed happened after contact point. all these symptoms were caused by her not using shoulder power, which is the core different from WTA forehand. so her so call ATP forehand doesn't have any advantage.