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  1. equinox

    Solutions to problem of excessive and extreme grunters

    It's really WTA's fault for the shrieking problem we have today. This generation of players is lost. But next generation can be saved. Set a cutoff point, 2-3 years from now. With clearly defined rules for unacceptable levels of grunting. Shrieking is banned. Give a mandatory...
  2. equinox

    Embracing a new era. China the 5th Grand Slam. With the growing middle class and increasing prosperity and popular uptake of tennis, the chinese are pushing for GS that can be called there own. Australian Open being rebranded Asia-Pacific GS is very poor substitute. With china now...
  3. equinox

    Is sportsmanship lost in pro tennis?

    I watched this point, where murray showed lack of sportsmanship. Clearly he should concede the point to tonylars. Instead murray complains and weasels replay.
  4. equinox

    Futures qualifying briton, What NTRP / ITN club player?

    Came across this video of imho a club player, perhaps even a beginner playing in futures events. My question who the hell decided to give him an IPIN and was his play/rankings even checked prior to issuing? Video. ITF...
  5. equinox

    Aussie under 12's junior off to the french open and europe tour. I was this kids...
  6. equinox

    61 year old beats 21 year old. experience over youth.

    Check this experience vs youth result out. the tournament is a larger regional $$$$ event 350+ competitors. line 9/10 - 3rd seed vs WildCard (international). Dale Power, 61 year old...
  7. equinox

    Jeremy Efferding, Next Top US prospect.

    just curious what the word on this bright honest kid is? coached by jay berger, usta high performance. dipping his toes into the seniors. already played soderling.
  8. equinox

    The Next Sharapova 2015 the blonde girl shows such passion, fighting for every point. ball here ball there! even goes prima dona...
  9. equinox

    WTA #1 = current grandslam winner only

    I believe a change is necessary to stop the farcical game of wta musical chairs. considering the monetary/sponsorship benefits and responsibility this position brings, i believe it is vital for fans to see a respected world champion atop the rankings. my suggestion is only players that...
  10. equinox

    offensive player behaviours

    i'm curious about people experiences regarding physical and verbal abuse encountered playing tennis from opposition or spectators. i've had a few runs in over the years. the worst coming from drunken opposition threatening to stab me in car park after the match.
  11. equinox

    equal prize money? not in the womens! re: venus, kuzzy, schiavone match efforts

    after tremendous gutsy 4+ hour marathon match from schiavone and kuznetsova. who here believes that venus williams should return the round prize money she "earned" for her pathetic 4 minute effort? and give it to these women?
  12. equinox

    If a library was a sport, it would be tennis. has tennis's popularity and general exposure to the public faded beyond repair? opinions?
  13. equinox

    what level? offers d1, ncaa?

    i wondering what college level do you think these guys could receive offers at? 2010 vid. 2000 vid.
  14. equinox

    JenJen + Kellen Damico = superstar couple

    Wondering what you guys think of these two now being couple. The grand slam champion and itf junior doubles champion have teamed up. Personally i'm really happy for jen jen despite the obvious age differences. After all she's been through over the years, it's a welcome change to see her...
  15. equinox

    Kevin MCDUFFEE retires?

    Has any actually meet him? what is he really like? Got pictures to share? Is he really a MPUA? I've found this info. ITF rec, wtf how many Challenger WC's? IMG Academy bunkmates speech...
  16. equinox

    Chinese are coming.

    Na Li, won yesterdays womens event after six months break. I've looked at the rankings and very soon they're likely to be at least 6 Chinese players inside the top100 and more considering China is flooding the itf/wta circuits with players. How long until we see a Chinese woman as WTA #1...
  17. equinox

    nPro Open "RED" Color

    Does TW sell the nPro Open in a red colored paintjob?
  18. equinox

    TW moved? TW Mail Redirection?

    Hello, I sent a MO and didn't realise you had moved from your old 747 warehouse address. That was 11 days ago. :sad: I was wondering if you have mail redirection to your new location? Do you think the MO would be sitting at the local PO? I had return address information on the...
  19. equinox

    Ncode pricing readjustments?

    Now that the Konfactor models have been released by Wilson. Does tw plan to readjust the prices of the obsolete ncode models? For example the wilson ncode npro open is still $159, when it should really should be priced closer to $120 maximum especially since it's not a popular model.
  20. equinox

    Hi Visiblilty Clothing

    Hi, I've seen another team wearing these shirts with numbers attached on the backs. I'm considering wearing hi visibility clothing during my teams night and weekend tennis matches. I plan on adding a HI VIS bandana. My question is this clothing legal for comp tennis? Would...
  21. equinox

    Should SydneyJim retire?

    I ask this question because TW's favorite amt/pro player is struggling to make any real progress on the itf circuit. He's suffered multiple defeats in early rounds of qualifying. I'm not one to say he sucks because he's won some qualifying matches, but i can't see him winning four matches in...
  22. equinox

    Hot chick?

    Would you ask this girl out? :o
  23. equinox

    What cross string is best with ashaway kevlar 18g

    Hello TT users, I'm going to string up an Ashaway Braided kevlar 18g 1.10mm hybrid. I''ve at my disposal gosen og micro 17,16g and various polys, gosen SP17, SPPP 17L, SPPMF 18. What should i use for the cross? What gauge would best be suited for maximum ball bite? Any suggested...
  24. equinox

    To Bra or not to Bra, that is the question.

    Wildcard Princess Severine Bremond had a terrific run at this years wimbledon until running into the evil witch justine. I'm trying to figure out how she made her miracle run. I think the answer is that she freed up her body movement by choosing not to wear a sports bra in her matches...
  25. equinox

    Poly / Kevlar hybrid

    I'm currently using Signum Propoly plasma 17 mains 54lbs and forten aramid composite 16 in crosses 58lbs. It's provided excellent control and really bites the ball. Evident by the extensive display of fuzz attached to the crosses. I'm having fun destroying new balls in less than one set. :D...
  26. equinox

    Vince Spadea robbed while sleeping!,0,2930763.story?coll=sfla-sports-headlines Choice qoutes. Said Spadea, "I lost 21 hot rap tracks that are coming out on my new album. I'm going to have to reinvent them." Thank you! :mrgreen:
  27. equinox

    Date for luxilon grip + Forten Aramid Gear 17L Reel

    I was wondering when you are getting in luxilon leather grips and Forten Aramid Gear 17L 330 String Reel?
  28. equinox

    Weirdest hybrid stringing setups

    Can people suggest weird hyrid string combinations and what the played like? This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 22 seconds.
  29. equinox

    "Currently Active Users" Invisible Options GONE!

    Please reinstate the Invisible option in User Control Panel -> Login & Privacy. Some of us don't want to appear on the "Currently Active Users" list.
  30. equinox

    Should Serena Williams retire from tennis?

    Serena Williams has shown she is no longer prepared to put in the proper time and effort training required to compete at a "glam slam" event level. Her lack of match toughness and general lack of fitness were very evident during the Australian Open. I believe the time has come for her to put...