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    Shoes for Flat Feet/Shin splints

    Diadora with blushield cushioning works wonder
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    How to make grip larger but not rounder?

    I will use one or two layer of head guard tape, installed vertically on each bevel then use lighter grip like babolat lite grip. Or apply 0.2 - 0.3 mm pla plate (check it on google) on each bevel and use lighter grip with normal thickness (1.8 - 2mm). On my experience, you will need to add...
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    Control oriented racket for advance beginner

    adding to the mix: Head G360 Speed MP and Head G360 Radical S (modified to Speed MP Spec) They have medium power and quite soft at 63 ra. You can put multi for power or poly for control in it
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    Fly 2 is definitely wider than KSwiss HE. I usually wear 11.5 4e and size 12 Fly 2 can accomodate my wide feet perfectly.
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    I need some help with new SHOCK ABSORBENT shoes for hard courts

    Diadora with blueshield be it Fly 2or Speed model are the best in term of shock protection. I am 120kg and i dont feel any pain when using those shoes.
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    I have both and feel that Fly 2 have wider fore foot, more support and stability. KSwiss HE feel lighter but upper is too pliable. I have size 12 and 13 kswiss. Size 12 feel tight and size 13 feel good width wise but too long.
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    Diadora Speed blushield fly 2

    For those who have wide feet, this one fit quite wide. I have 4e feet and usually wear 11.5 size shoe. With Fly 2, i can use size 12 comfortably
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    NEW 2019 Radical (May 16th) Release Date and (Some) Changes

    Somehow, i found that G360 Radical is quite a hidden gem. It has nice spec for modification, moderate MP size headsize (102sqi), low RA, and 16x19 patterns with 8 mains in throat. I customize one to match the G360 Speed MP spec and and it plays very nice.
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    Ambitious beginner racquet

    How about starting from head size, weight, and beam width? 1. 98 to 104 sqi head size will be nice. Those head size help with forgiveness / miss hit since they have quite big sweet spot 2. Weight between 285 - 300, with swing weight between 315-320 strung or 275 - 285 unstrung. Too much swing...
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    The Ultimate Racquet Brand Contest: Which brand is your main? (Wilson, Babolat, Head, Yonex, Prince, Volkl, ect.)

    I am gravitating towards head and yonex. My best racket is Head G360 Speed MP, Head G360 radical s moded to 300gr, 7HL and Yonex Ezone DR 100 with lower swingweight.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Anyone has tried to compare cushioning of Adidas SCB (Boost Cushioning) with Adidas Court Jam (Bounce Cushioning)? Which one will be better for heavier player (100+kg) ?
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    Favourite shirts for hot weather - Polyester

    Nike aeroreact or adidas climacool / climalite is nice for hot weather
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    best tennis bag - backpack style?

    That yonex design is nice. It has angled racket entry so racket handle wont hit your head when riding. It also have shoe compartment. I also cycling to court and that backpack design is very nice. I use Adidas Tour which is quite nice, no dedicated shoe compartment but has front compartment...
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    So, any pros using the over hyped super amazing Clash?

    Maybe we can see clash as prostock few years in the future
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    Wilson Clash: New mould or old frame re-done?

    Still velvety paint?
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    Good 11 oz. racket - Head 360 Speed MP, Wilson Ultra Tour, Wilson blade 98, Ezone 98?

    Head G360 Speed MP has low swingweight compared to older version, and it also feels less polarized
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    Fly to japan and buy it there?
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    Yonex Fusion Rev 3

    That heel design is quite dangerous....round edges should be paired with wider base to make it stable
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    Let's make a Babolat Racquet arm friendly. Which model and how?

    My arm pain is going down significantly after using Tecnifibre Multifeel 16g. It is a low power multi comparable to poly but much softer response
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    Yonex EZONE (2018)

    Multifeel Black 16G, it is a lower powered multifilament.
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    Building up a grip

    For 2 size up, you will need to put around 7mm of anything on each bevel. If it possible, put 1mm balsa wood on each bevel, and use 1.75 - 1.8mm grip like Head Hydrosorb Pro or WIlson Sublime. Balsa is light, easy to cut, and apply. You wont need much balsa either. Another method is to use...
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    "Arm friendly" racket vs. "Not horrible for your arm" rackets

    Choose any racket with same head size, same balance, same swingweight, slightly lower power, slightly softer (64-68 ra), and put hybrid string or lower tension. That lower tension will help with power and provide more feel.
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    Novak's new shoe

    That Adidas is slightly acceptable, the Zoom is like a F1 race boat, and that Cage wrong........that semi transparent white rubber is so wrong.
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    Your sweet spot of swing weight and racquet weight

    NTRP around 2.5-3, Enjoying racket around 300gr, sw 280-285, balance around 7-8 points. Best racket so far are Head G360 Speed MP and Yonex Ezone DR 100L modified to same spec as Head G360 SMP
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    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread

    Prince Resi Soft is 2.2mm, Head Hydrosorb Comfort is 2.1mm, Wilson Cushion Aire Classic Sponge is 2.1mm. Babolat Xcel Gel is 2.4mm. If you want to try some thing thicker, you can also add a layer of tape guard on the pallete and put the original grip back on
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    Solid feeling from GXT Speed Pro may come from its weight distribution (ie more polarized than G360 Speed Pro), but G360 SP has thicker beam. Overall, i like the G360 series more than GXT.
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    Moving from a Power frame to a Controll/decente Power oriented racquet

    Does it have to be 18x20? Is it possible for you to use 16x19 with 8 mains, like Head G360 Speed MP? Speed pro is around 310 gram, 18x20, and has lower swingweight than your Angell
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    Shoes for a bigger guy

    K Swiss Hypercourt express have good cushioning, but unsupportive upper for big guy. My best shoes for now is Diadora Speed Blueshield 2, Diadore Speed Competition, and Prince T22. Btw, i am 174cm, 120 kg, size 11.5 4e. For Diadora and Prince T22, i can fit into size 12. Their width is...
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    If true 4E tennis shoes produced again, post here

    Diadora Speed Blueshield 2 is definitely wide enough for my feet. Usually i wear asics 11.5 4e and can fit comfortably in that diadora size 12
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    Wilson Clash: New mould or old frame re-done?

    Somehow beam shape is also similar with ultra cv