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  1. Robin3381

    The BIG 3 five most important grand slam wins

    I feel these were the most important wins for them. What do you think? Federer 1. FO09 2. AO17 3. WB09 4. WB07 5. WB03 Nadal 1. AO09 2. WB08 3. UO13 4. UO10 5. FO12 Djokovic 1. FO16 2. AO12 3. WB14 4. UO11 5. UO15
  2. Robin3381

    Why Djokovic will never get the love from the crowd unlike Fedal?

    Djokovic got some minor boos when he came onto the court. Despite all his achievements, Fedal just seems to be getting way more love and admiration from the crowd. I guess it is safe to say that his popularity will forever remain below the other 2. What do you guys think is the reason behind it?