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  1. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    yes .. 10 and 20 %
  2. Kdude

    How does aging work?

    not really .... he has lost some foot speed over time.
  3. Kdude

    Need some advice on my serve, USTA 5.5+

    your toss is way off... I would start with that.
  4. Kdude

    Ektelon Model H value

    I have an Ektelon H with the cabinet. Its in good condition and is working perfect. Anyone interested shoot me a message
  5. Kdude

    post match stretching routine wanted !

    Great video's and a lot of fun hearing his comments as he is practicing. Thanks for sharing
  6. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    I finally had the time to put my Lite together. It was love at first sight. I have been stringing on an Ektelon H for 40 yrs and after a bit of a learning curve I have to say the machine is rock solid. Easy to string on , easy maintenance. Herb's video is spot on. Im not 100% sure but...
  7. Kdude

    5.0 Players, what are your strings of choice?

    It's crazy how color effects strings differently. I feel a difference. A bit off topic but Fed mentioned a different feel from his usual BLK RF 97 and the Tuxedo. He went right back to the all black. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Kdude

    Wilson Trinity Balls

    Used them yesterday , 6 new trinity for 60 mins no stop. First feeling was they were not as supple ( if that's the right word) as the pressurized balls. They felt harder. Wasn't crazy about hitting with them.
  9. Kdude

    Tennis shoes today suck

    I felt the same after the barricade line was discontinued and went to Asics... The Asics had only one advantage , easy break in. The release of the Soul Court Boost is an amazing shoe with good fit , easy break in , Lightish and good wear :)
  10. Kdude

    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I just took advantage of the cyber sale on the boost Parlay.. Can anyone give me a comparison to the regular solar boost ? I couldn't give up a bargain :)
  11. Kdude

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanks Giving boy's ... have a safe and happy TG !
  12. Kdude

    clamps for Ektalon Model H

    yes the neos clamps work perfectly only because they are an exact copy of the Neos
  13. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    I was able to buy the L from Rabbit after reading your story I had a similar story but it stopped at the Ektelon H which I've been stringing on for close to 40 yrs. Dead reliable , easy to calibrate. I was going to buy a used but refurbished Star 5 ( always loved the look) now I just bought...
  14. Kdude

    JC & Tennis Machines

    Without going into too much detail JC hit a home run with customer service. I highly recommend working with Tennis Machines.
  15. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    Looking forward to a change. I've had the same Ektelon H model for close to 40 yrs. Its been dead reliable , easy to calibrate and with experience you can even get a consistent string bed... :)
  16. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    Rabbit , Irvin, kkm, really appreciate the advice and steering me in the right direction. I will see if I can get a used one from CH and take a look at Ghost while I'm shopping around.
  17. Kdude

    New Wilson Baiardo

    Has anyone gotten the lite yet ? Would like to get a solid review before I pull the trigger ... A buddy has a Star 5 refurbished asking $3,500 , What do you guys think about the Babolat deal ?
  18. Kdude

    I thought Gamma customer service was good

    I was going to pull the trigger on the 6004 , two point but after reading how Pedro has been treated i have cancelled my order. There is no reason on earth for Gamma not to take care of customers during the warranty phase and beyond. The only way to encourage better support from...
  19. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    Ra Thx for the info and abllee contact info. I always wanted a Bab machine but as a home stringer who just loves to zone out stinging my own sticks it was a pretty steep membership to the club of bab owners. Thanks again. Howard
  20. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    Rabbit any tips on shopping for a used Babolat machine ? How do they ship it without it getting damaged in shipping ?
  21. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    UPDATE : So after I make the order and "pay" I receive a nice your order is being processed email I heard nothing. After two weeks i call TW and ask about my pending delivery. I was told the machine is back ordered and they don't know when it will be back in stock. I will be getting a...
  22. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    and thanks for helping me the decision !
  23. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    Thanks :)
  24. Kdude

    Prince neos 1500 Finally here :)/Review

    BUMP ! Just placed my order from TW... How you doing with the 1500 still lovin it ?
  25. Kdude

    Prince Neos 1500

    Lucky Me .... Hope its not a TYPO by TW but i just completed my order for my NEOS 1500. Totally stoked! Please go to the Machine's and tell me i'm not dreaming :)
  26. Kdude

    Gamma 6004 vs Prince Neos 1500

    Just curious why did you exchange the 1500 for the Revo 4000 ?
  27. Kdude

    Hi ! What Alpha machine are you using? I was thinking Alpha ELS progression. Any thoughts...

    Hi ! What Alpha machine are you using? I was thinking Alpha ELS progression. Any thoughts or comments on this machine? I'm do about 10 racquets a month. I was going to order the Neos 1500 but i can't find one. Thanks Howard
  28. Kdude

    Gamma 6004 vs Prince Neos 1500

    Is the Gamma worth the $500 more ? Have you used the Alpha to compare to the 1500? I've never strung on the Alpha but just by looking at it I can't get over just looking at the uneven legs. What's with that ?