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    Self rated 3 strikes question

    Hey all, I can't find the answer to this question in writing so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction... I coach a lady who self-created at 3.0. She is playing in a 3.5 league and just got her third strike and bumped up to a 3.5S rating. Does she start over with 0 strikes at...
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    Retired matches and dynamic rating

    Does anyone officially know how a retired match will effect a dynamic rating? My last two singles wins (one against a guy who was a D1 AA and rarely if ever loses) were to guys retiring before the match was complete? I know USTA really stresses completing matches at Nationals so it doesn't mess...
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    Babolat Head Guard issues

    Anyone else having this issues or seeing these issues with Babolat racquets? The head guard isnt deep enough leaving the strings exposed to beinh nicked on the court etc. The following is part of an email sent to a Babolat rep. Awaiting response. I had a question regarding the head guards in...
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    30 days until Sectionals

    I have 5.0 Men's Sectionals starting in 30 days. I am a 40 year old teaching professional who plays in a lot of sectional events. I am curious to hear what everyone does or thinks I should do to prepare myself to be ready to perform at a high level in this upcoming event. Thanks in advance...
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    Parts for Prince P200 Compression Stringer

    I am looking for any odd parts for a Prince P200 compression stringer. Especially clamps and replacement handle parts. Please email with any available parts and pricing. Thank you Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk