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    When is Sony Ericsson draw ceremony?

    thanks 10 characters
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    When Do Qualies Get Put in Draw?

    why are they not in yet
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    Indian Wells Final

    allow me to be the first to say, WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!?
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    Indian Wells main draw is out

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA what's so notable about Roddick playing Haas and Verdasco in his first two matches!??!?!?!
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    Which man will win in Indian Wells, CA?

    Gulbis will take this tournament if he plays halfway decent
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    Pac Life Draw

    anywhere to watch it live?
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    Federer vs Sampras IV (London)

    true that he should, but it's not even as close to as tenuous as people seem to suggest. Nadal is about to lose tons of points at IW, and even if he WINS the tournament (not likely) he gains NOTHING and Federer will gain TONS.
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    all I know is break points converted have nothing to do with percentage. If you break 11 times in 89 chances, you have more break point conversions than someone who broke 10 times in 10 chances. Not complicated.
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    Jimmy Arias quite possibly the WORST TV analyst in the History of Tennis

    wrong. He said it as if he was imitating Canas and it was not favorable. I also was watching the interview in question when it happened and Canas did not imply anything close to what Arias suggested. He said "I have never played either one so I will just have to worry about my own game and play...
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    Jimmy Arias quite possibly the WORST TV analyst in the History of Tennis

    he just COMPLETELY FABRICATED Canas' interview from last night and made him out to be a cocky jerk. If there is one thing Canas isn't, it's that. FIRE YOURSELF ARIAS
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    are you PLAYING dumb or are you literally this dumb? What part of "break points converted" do you not understand. Right now it looks like the whole part.
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    could you all be any DUMBER? there's absolutely NO difference between "breaks of serve" and "break points converted." trust me, the only person here who ISN'T confused is the OP nonetheless, Ginepri is a huge choker, but in all fairness to him, Anderson ACTUALLY played good tennis for...
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    Arias just said that this week "Ginepri has both the most breaks of serve and the most break points converted" haaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Murray vs Davydenko

    expected post-Federer letdown
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    Anybody Going to Sony Ericsson OPen in MIami

    thoughts on transportation from airport to tennis center on Thursday morning? Taxi all the way? Taxi to shuttle to tennis center? Neither? Thanks.
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    Anybody Going to Sony Ericsson OPen in MIami

    very different. MUCH better in terms of interacting with players. They are all over everywhere all the time and there are 10 times less fans.
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    Poll: WWW, Roddick or Nadal?

    poll left out of that other thread
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    Who didn't start young?

    no pro started playing tennis at 18. LOL. Isner, Becker, and the rest of the less-than-handful of college grads started their pro careers late, obviously. No idea if any pro actually started playing tennis later than, say, 10.
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    RAFA lookin good!

    Ledovskikh is the easiest second-round draw in Dubai history still, he's looked OK with the hand he was dealt
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    Roddick -vs- Ferrero

    Mathieu will be FAR from easy. And Nadal will probably beat Roddick anyway.
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    Ginepri / Malisse Match

    as bad as the first two sets were, it was actually strong stuff from both in the 3rd, especially from Bob
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    safin vs hewitt

    perfect assessment but what's new?
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    Ginepri / Malisse Match

    impressive stuff Robby - all the way now
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    New Fav: Amer Delic

    I'm facebook friends with Isner. "Tsonga jo-wilfried" apparently denied my friend request or (wishful thinking) just hasn't seen it yet. And yes, that's how he is listed on facebook.
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    Massu is Back

    Gulbis will slaughter him in Las Vegas - he already did not long ago in St. Petersburg
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    Which man will win in Memphis, TN?

    young is done a bagel in the 3rd set should be expected