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    Montreal Television Coverage in USA -Fed Tonight

    Anyone know if the Federer match will be shown on TV tonight?
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    Greatest Players Ever -Top 5: New List

    1. Agassi: Most complete winning history All 4 GS on different surfaces: Career Grand Slam - never been done by anyone in modern era Most Master Wins Gold Medal 2. Laver: 2 Grand Slams (won all 4 GS tournaments in in a calendar year) 3. Sampras: Most Grand Slam wins overall, but never the...
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    Is it me or are the Tennis Channel's announcers the absolute worst???

    I really cannot stand listening to the Tennis Channel's announcers...they are really really bad ... better than Gimmelstob (he was the worst). But where do they dig these guys up. I thought Arias was bad, but these guys are worse...maybe??? Tennis Channel, could you please do some try outs...
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    Abu Dhabi Television Schedule: Nadal v. Murray

    Does anyone know what channel the Nadal - Murray match is being broadcasted on?
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    Donald Young Done Again

    Young loses first round again in Thailand...a tourny he shouldn't have even been able to even get into (must have been let in pre-US Open bc his rank is too low now to have been let in directly -which he was). Anyone out there to defend DY now??? I'm waiting for the DY defenders to come...
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    Nadal's Match Times For Labor Day...Day or Evening Session?

    Does anyone know if Nadal is playing the day or evening session on Memorial Day for his 4th Round match?
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    Rafa's Second Round Match...When? Third Round, when?

    Does anyone know when Rafa goes on against Ryler De Heart? Wednesday evening? Is his third round match on Saturday Day session.
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    Donald Young & Hype

    I am astounded to see that Donald Young is still getting Wild Cards into tournaments. The investment in his success, which is now a foregone conclusion that he will never be a top 20 player, is now coming at the cost of other up and commers that have more potential, ie. Jess Levine. I think it...