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    Best table tennis player on the ATP tour??

    Title says it all :) who do you think would be the best table tennis player on the pro tour :D
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    US OPEN apparels?

    Just wondering if the tennis only website will be stocking the new nike's apparels and shoes for Fed and Dimitrov thankyou
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    Raonic is rank 5 now lol

    Well he must be happy, career high ranking?
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    So the iwatch comes out today in Australia for preorder anyone planning to get it :D already preordered mine :)
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    Tennis elbow?

    Yo, I'm 17 yo and never once had tennis elbow in my life, been playing tennis since 5 or 6yo i guess and currently using the graphene speed pro gut/poly 54, in the past i used the areopro with rpm at 57 sure my arm got sore but it was more me getting tired than anything. I actually don't think i...
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    Is it possible to be sponsored by head and bab??

    Hey i was wondering why Virginie Razzano has both head and babolat stencils/logo on her racquet? Example:
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    How was your transition to the RF97?

    Hey guys, just wondering how was your transition to the rf97? Especially would like to know from people who didn't use the pro staff line previously :) could you guys handle the weight?