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    Alternative live streams?

    Anybody else having issues with I try to watch a stream, it asks for my cable company and when I try to select comcast nothing happens. Just sits there does nothing. Tried all 3 browsers no dice.
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    Nadal to miss Olympics

    Heard the news. Came straight here. I thought this place would be burning by now. LOL
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    Why do YOU care about equal prize money?

    It takes the same amount of dedication and sacrifice whether you are a man or a woman. So I think equal pay is good but the bigger issue is guys out of the top 20 not making a decent living off of tennis. I doubt the Stakhovsky's would encourage their kids to pick up tennis as a career...
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    Online Streaming sites fo the 2012 Olympics

    Any Roku links by any chance? NBC says all tennis will be broadcast on Bravo.
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    The Official Olympic Games 2012 Discussion Thread

    Looks like the Olympic equivalent of Serena Williams is Michael Phelps. So, get ready for a whole lot of Phelps bombardment...replays, interviews, specials, etc. I wont be surprised if 75% of the coverage is Phelps.
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    The Official Olympic Games 2012 Discussion Thread

    Is there a way to watch Oly tennis after work a la ESPN3? I dont think the official NBC will carry much tennis.
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    Hesh-Bopana-Paes.. Olympic controversy

    They are probably making more money making movies and doing business than they could ever dream of playing tennis. LOL on the Bops comment! At 32 Bops is the "young legs" these guys want to play with.
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    Hesh-Bopana-Paes.. Olympic controversy

    Seems to be reaching an end here...assuming Paes agrees. Now, more pressure on Bhupi Bops to make good on their "commitment".
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    Hesh-Bopana-Paes.. Olympic controversy

    I'm totally frustrated. I was looking forward to these guys playing at the Olympics, especially after they both doing very well recently. Looks like Paes going with Stepanek was the issue here. I distinctly remember Paes saying at the time "Mahesh and I can recreate our magic anytime we want...
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    The Nalbandian default incident Discussion thread

    Looks like she is shouting..."GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!"
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    Nalbandian Loses Because of Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Chill out! Nalb didn't realize how strong he was. LOL! He is still growing into his body at 30. On a serious note, serious case of brain cramps and looks like he was expecting the board to be more solid not just loosely held together. But still there is a guy behind it.
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    Halle 2012 QF - Roger FEDERER vs. Milos RAONIC

    sportlemon seems to be borked....any other links?
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    What will the top guys do between Wimbledon and Olympics?

    I'd say resting as I think most guys would play single and doubles at the Os, maybe even mixed. Better to be well rested.
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    Any stats to prove lefty advantage?

    No stats but my theory is lefties in general have an advantage in the ad court, which is where the important points are played, i.e. break points, except for 15-40. A good slice serve in the ad court against a righty gives you a better change of winning the point. On the other hand, the righty...
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    no espn or NBC coverage in US until 11AM tomorrow

    I don't know why they acquire the rights when they are not committed to airing it. Outrageous!
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    Order of play friday

    NBC schedule says 11 AM to 2 PM. I'm sure they'll screw this one up. Better find online streams.
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    Is there any doubt that Fed is the 3rd greatest claycourter ever?

    What were Kuerten's clay achievements outside of the 3 FOs? Just curious.
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    GASQUET, Riccardo Francisovich (The Official Fan Club)

    So, thats his full name? Interesting. So, Riccardo is the French equivalent of Richard? Then why do they call him Ri-SH-ard. Frech-izing and englishized French name? :confused:
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    Sharapova and the age of button mashing

    Wow! It boggles my mind that a totally one-dimensional player like Sharapova has a really good chance of winning all 4 slams. Watching her is like playing a button mashing game, sure it gets exciting sometimes but in the end, mashing is all it is. She has zero variety in her game and its not...
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    Rome Draw

    They look like they're waiting for tickets outside a concert.
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    Can Ferrer do a 'Dasco?

    Well....'Dasco did a 'Dasco against Berdych.... :-)
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    The Magic Box is the worst arena in tennis

    I do agree with the blue courts. But I dont think the sport needs something new....especially now when the popularity of the sport is at an all time high. Well..WTA needs them maybe...not ATP.
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    So what are your 1st impressions of blue clay

    The ball marks seems to be a lot easier to spot. Blue seems to be better than red clay....even better than the american olive green clay.
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    Federer - Raonic 2nd R Madrid 2012

    anyone have links to the post match interview? I am curious what Fed thought of the surface.
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    Head Prestige Pro - Microgel Vs Youteck IG versions

    I use the Microgel pro version and love it so much but I find it a little lacking at the net, especially against a heavy ball when strung tight. The review on TW for the newest version suggests better volleys and they even say it feels the best of them all. Anybody have experience playing...
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    Points won after Shanghai Masters for the top 4

    What is the significance of Shanghai in this "race"?
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    Will this forum be less polarized once Fedal are gone?

    When they are gone the men's game will turn into WTA and no one will care. Gloat of "what's wrong with him" threads will ensue.
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    Will Federer will request/accept a WC for MC?

    Has Fed ever deviated from his set schedule? I mean, has he ever taken a WC to a tourney at the last minute? Just curious.