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    Federer forehand

    As we know Federer was close to going out today but hung in there like the legend that he is. While every tennis fan respects the hard working Millman who makes the best of what he has, federer should be cleaning his clock. What fascinated me was Millman targeted the Federer FH which was...
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    Seedings at AO

    Wimbledon apart the Majors seed according to world rankings. I do wonder though if this system should be always open for review. Djokovic should be seeded no.1 in Australia. A 7 time champion who is world no.2 who destroyed the world no.1 a week earlier really should be given no.1 spot. It...
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    Calendar Slam for Djokovic?

    From what we have seen in 2020 Djokovic seems to have raised his level further. Nadal by contrast has clearly regressed, the defeat to Djokovic at ATP Cup may well have been a lot more significant than we thought mentally. If Djokovic can win in Australia, and he is odds on fabourite, i think...
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    Nadal will rue playing ATP Cup

    Nadal has been the best performer at the Majors overall over past 3 years. Given these things are often cyclical he is due a poor tournament and this may be it. Given all his health issues over his career his scheduling from november onwards made no sense. Had all the emotion of Davis Cuo...
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    Is the AO still the 4th Slam

    Personally i love the AO and think its innovative and fan friendly albeit RLA doesnt have the aura or gravitas of Ashe. However judging from some of the pretty fierce and disrespectful comments by players which is unusual before an event begins, one wonders whether it is still considered below...
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    AO SF predictions

    Well looking at the draws Nadal has a tricky potential 4th round v Kyrgios or Khachanov although they may tire each other out for a showdown with Nadal. And nowadays Nadal prefers the big hitters than grinders who return well. Djokovic has the hardest draw of the 3 legends of sport. Had Nadal...
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    Melbourne Court conditions

    Anyone any idea how the court is playing speed wise and height of bounce wise?