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    WTB: Drop weight tennis stringer

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting into stringing my own racquets finally and am looking for an entry level stringing machine. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    Illinois high school tennis

    tim kopinski beat both of them last weekend though.
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    FS: 4 Babolat Pure Drive Cortex

    hey did you get my email? it was about the youtek are you interested or no.
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    When is it too cold to play outside?

    in chicago? where are these clubs i have never seen or heard of them lol.
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    FT/FS: Pure Drive Std GT and Babolat APD Cortex

    will you trade the pdgt for a youtek radical 9.5/10? email at
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    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick + GT

    are you willing to trade for a like new youtek radical mp?
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    FS: 5x Pure Storm Tour GTs...4 3/8

    would you trade one for a youtek radical mp in very very good condition?
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    youtek radical mp 4 1/4 9.5/10

    hey i am selling a youtek radical mp with a 4 1/4 grip size this racquet is in amazing condition. the reason for selling is that i do not really like it and i just got it last week. i hit with it once inside on carpeted ground in a field house. it is strung with black code. i guarantee you...
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    When is it too cold to play outside?

    kinda late now but i can suggest courts if you want in the chicagoland area considering i hit often indoors. for as cheap as 28dollars still expensive though.
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    head youteck extreme

    looks pretty sick. anyone know a release date?
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    Federer explicitly states he is switching to the new BLX90

    kinda weird for him to use the newest wilson racquets each time they realease something new. like the ncode, kfactor, blx... idk seems odd for a pro.
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    my first (KPS88) PJ

    the red looks so much better then the real kps paintjob.
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    Illinois Tennis!

    you would do northern Illinois if you live in rockford. or you could do Chicago. i think their is more tournaments in Chicago.. so its your choice. and sorry i really dont know any adult tournaments here just jr.
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    FS/FT Babolat PD Roddick GT and PD GT+ 9/10

    can u trade the pdgt for kps?
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    Where to put LEad Tape on a K90

    well you could use lead tape to make the sweet spot bigger i belive like if you put it at 3 and 9 it will make the sweetspot go towards thier. and if you put it at 6 it will move it down. just see where you mis hit often and apply the lead tape respectively
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    Is it okay to still use a Prince?

    sam querry uses a prince.
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    Real, Fake or Pirated?

    was it new? if so it may be fake my freind bought two aeropros from **** and they were fake :/
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    Best Looking Racquet?? < definition of sexy :) lol.
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    My elbow hurts :( For the first time. 15 year old junior.

    could it be that you switched strings? after switching racquets
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    My division 1 college tennis future

    what happened to miley cyrus?
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    so I want to buy my aunt a racquet for christmas, she is 65ish...

    gamma big bubba :)
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    Babolat clothing

    The big auction site sells some babolat clothing but, I am not sure if it is authentic. Also this little Asian girl in my club is decked out in babolat apparel. She must be no more than 11 years old maybe shes sponsored? I might ask her next time but it may be kind of weird.
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    I want Ana Ivanovic calender

    or a new girl for each month :)
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    Nadal Davis Cup Final outfit.....(pic)

    i hate that some clothes/shoes arnt released :/
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    Nike Outlet Clearance!

    me either but, cb are different :p lol
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    Wanted: KPS88 4-3/8 or 4-1/4

    would 4 1/2 work for you or no?
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    babolat pure drive + with luxilon, lowest tension ever stung?

    tell me how much your tension drops within a few weeks before you restring :) lol.
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    What would you get if...

    are you serious. everyone knows you would need at least two plastic bags to buy a house on the french riviera. duh...
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    Best shoes for hard court impact

    i have the cc genius. but they are kinda narrow. other than that i like them alot and are pretty coushiny? if thats a word.
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    Head MG Extreme Team

    i completly loved this racquet when i had it. but, moved onto a smaller headsize.