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    Winner of the 300 towel wipes in one match

    Wait it is a tie: Isner and Anderson. Surprised they dont wipe between 1st and 2nd serve. Refs should grow a pair, and tell these guys to play tennis.
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    Rog and Fish Western Southern Match

    Now playing on ESPN News, kids still playing bball on ESPN2 fyi
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    What a shame !!!

    All womens' tennis on TC this am. Probably will be at least 5 hours or more and they go off the air at noon. Cant they put this on the "Lifetime" channel??
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    Requesting Dvd or Vid Dc s.f. and Final

    excuse if this not correct forum for this..would like dvd or vid of Acasuso-Hewitt dc2006 (.s.f.) and Safin Acasuso Final dc2006..thanks in advance.Robert
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    would like dvd copy of Serena-DaniHutch

    match the other nite..anyone in the states got one?? will pay and send email info tnx in advance..excuse if this in wrong forum..Robert