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    Best tennis balls to use?

    I've looked around on here and seen people complain about all different types of balls and also say how awesome they are. I'm used to the Costco Penn balls, but apparently they're not selling them now as they're out of season. I prefer to buy in bulk as it will last me a year or so. Where I...
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    My son to win 2019 US Open

    I mean hey if there's a thread for Zverev to win then why not a thread for my 8 year old? I'd say my 2 year old as well but I don't want to be too unrealistic.
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    New shoes ideas

    My current shoes, some Adidas Barricade whatever number are wearing out. I'm about to put my big toe thru one of them. They've been nice. I got them for 1/2 price at the Adidas store a while back thru a company deal. I'm not brand loyal by any means, I just want something to work properly...
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    What's in your wallet?

    I have a 1 dollar bill. But not just any 1 dollar bill. One from 1935. No idea how I got it. Must've been change from whatever random place. Had it about a year now. It's cool. Says 'Silver Certificate' at the top. At the bottom it shows One Dollar In Silver Payable to the Bearer on...
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    How do you stay/get in shape as a busy parent?

    I'm trying to figure out how to get my rear in shape. I'm a tad overweight, but carry myself well. I've got 2 kids. One is 7 and low maintenance, the other is almost 2 and basically demands my time the moment I get home from work. Doesn't matter if his older sibling and mom are there, he...
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    Positively happy thread

    There's enough negative crap going on in the world and we all get sucked into it. Well that's not allowed in this thread. No political stuff, no stuff that should be in GPPD. No trolling each other, no trolling period. If someone being hurt/killed makes you happy take it elsewhere, this...
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    What is your best tennis skill and how did you develop it?

    What's your best tennis skill? Doesn't necessarily have to be a stroke, it could be footwork, mental, etc. For me it's my ability to dig. Sometimes that's digging into a hole and then digging out of it. I chalk it up to playing a lot of matches and not a lot of practice, which I believe...
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    What do you like about playing tennis?

    I so enjoy playing tennis. My first sport was basketball and I played that religiously until I was probably in my early 30's. In my mid 20's though I started playing tennis and just loved it. It's so much fun. Here's why I like it: You just need 1 other person to play. Basketball needs at...
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    What do you like/not like about pro tennis?

    Please no bashing of players, that's what GPPD is for, or so it seems to me. I love pro tennis more than any other sport. Here's why: No tv timeouts. No timeouts period (unless medical). Tv breaks are short. You're not sitting around for 3-4 minutes constantly(unless there's a delay for...
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    What is an odd thing about you?

    What's something odd about you? For me I see stars at night in dark rooms. No I'm not looking out a window. Heck it doesn't even have to be fully dark for me to see them. What I see is that when I look at the wall, the floor, an object, even one of my kids I see the object, but I kind of...
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    Stringing without bumper guard in racket?

    So is that an issue? I've got 3 bumper guards on order and 3 rackets to string. Is it advised to string a racket without the bumper guard? It'll be a couple of weeks or so before I get them and I'm down to 1 racket. If it matters I have the original O3 Tour from Price. I use a drop weight...
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    Editing video files help

    Does anybody know of a good program that's easy to use to edit video files? I have a tivo and have transferred some recordings to my laptop. I can easily burn them, but I would like to easily be able to remove commercials. I currently have MyDVD Studio, but I'm not sure if there's an easy way...
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    The mental aspect of tennis

    The mental aspect of tennis I’m going to write about my favorite subject in sports, the mental aspect. To me having a strong mentality is the key to getting you to the top of anything. Without it you might just be a run of the mill middle management type with no aspirations to do anything...
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    Novak in a commercial Sorry if this has been posted before. I found this to be rather funny. Tassels. Wow.
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    The complete tennis player

    Part 1. Get lessons. We all start somewhere. Some of us have awesome and freakish athletic abilities and some don’t. Some can pick up a racket and learn the game instantly while others have to work twice as hard. None of this means anything on the court though in a match, but we’ll get to...
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    I am having some strange issue stringing my O3 Tour right now. I am stringing the mains just fine with my Topspin Cyberflash 17g 1.20mm. No issues at all. I seem to run into some strange issue when I string the crosses with the same string. I have a Gamma Progression 2 that I've had for the...
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    Visualize. It'll help you hit your best shots more often. How you ask? Well without getting into all the gory details your mind doesn't know the difference between visualizing and reality. Seriously. I'm not here to debate that. This really does work. I was hitting with a friend last...
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    Odd pain in my right arm

    Hello, I seem to have a first time injury in my hitting arm (right). It's rather odd. As I sit here typing there's no pain at all. But when I make certain motions (i.e. extending my arm straight out is painful, but raising it all the way straight up as if to serve doesn't. However if I...
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    Need to find stringing instructions for Prince Diablo XP Midplus

    Hello, I can't seem to find the directions for the Diablo XP Midplus. I've checked out Prince's website, but unfortunately the directions are for a 16x19 and not the 16x20. I also really don't see any visual instructions and I want to make sure I string this thing properly. If anybody has...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I've had 2 string jobs recently break at the tie off on the mains. One string job lasted about 2 weeks, so I felt kind of ok on that one. The other however lasted since Saturday and broke tonight. It broke on the tie-off which I thought was weird. The other one it looks like the tie-off came...
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    Stringing mains, should I do a tie off first?

    I've been stringing for a short while now and seem to get it pretty easily. The rackets I use are O3 tours and they're just fun and easy to string. I was wondering though since I can seem to start anywhere on an O3 if I should start by tying off on the mains first and then go from there...
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    Issue stringing a Head Flexpoint Radical Midplus

    Ok this is so weird. I downloaded the manual from Head's website to string their racket. I found the appropriate page for the racket I'm working on. I strung the mains just fine. The crosses are a whole other story. Unless I'm completely crazy, and I don't think I am this was manufactured...
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    Broken string on outside part of frame, what'd I do wrong?

    Hello, I recently purchased a Gamma Progression 602 stringer. My first string job I screwed up because I was short string on one side. The 2nd job I thought I did a lot better, I had extra string, was able to tie off fine, no other problems or so I thought. I'm playing with a Prince O3...
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    Question about stringing machine

    Hi, I had posted in the strings and stringing forum about purchasing a machine up to $350. One person recommended a Gamma's Progression II 602. From what I understand that's a 6 point mounting system and a crank style. I saw in the latest tennis magazine something about a Silent Partner...
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    What stringing machine to buy and where to buy it?

    Hi, I'm new to this part of the board and I have a few (hopefully easy) questions. I'm thinking of buying a stringing machine to save myself money and time. I'm probably looking to spend no more than $350 and from what I see that will be a table top model which I'm fine with. I see things...
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    Looking for people to join local tennis ladder 3.0's to 4.0's wanted

    Hey what's up? This is our 2nd year of this ladder. We had a lot of fun last year and are hoping to have even more fun this year. There's no fees, nothing hidden at all. All I ask is that you like to play tennis. Your competition can vary from 3.0 to 4.0, but if we get enough of one level then...
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    What kind of rating is this?

    The year end ratings are out today and I'm rated at 4.0 which is fine, but at the end, instead of seeing a C or B, I see a T. There's nothing in the legend about that. Anybody have a clue as to what that means?
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    How many sets have you played in one weekend?

    Just what the question asks. I played 16 sets this weekend. On Friday I played 6 sets, all in a row against 2 different people. On Saturday I played 2 two set matches and then today I played a 3 set match against one person and a 3 set doubles match a couple hours later. The best part is I...
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    Cannot figure out song name

    Grr this bugs me. Trying to find this song but don't know the name of the artist or the song, only a couple lyrics. They go something like: Can you feel the love, can you feel the love? One man comes another man goes... I can't remember any other lyrics. I know it's not Elton John or...
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    Looking for a hitting partner in Hillsboro/Portland, OR area

    Anybody want to play? A couple of my parnters moved away and I'm down to just one person right now that I beat all the time. Other people I try to get a hold of are wishy washy. No wishy washy people please. If you say you can be there then be there, don't forget about it. If you can't make...