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    Funny TV commercial by McEnroe

    Have you seen this SEAT commercial? Maybe it was posted before, but funny anyway.
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    Signs say - J. Johansson will beat Federer in Wimbledon semifinals!

    Do you remember Australian Open - that was Marat's birthday, when he beat Federer in semifinals. Next, Roland Garros - Nadal beats Federer in semifinals, and this is winner's birthday again! Imagine, what will happen in Wimbledon semifinals, July 1st? It is safe to say, that Roger will lose to...
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    Does Davide Sanguinetti use continental forehand grip?!

    I've found a lot of images on , where Sanguinetti hits his forehand. It looks like real continental, maybe eastern, but definitely it's not semiwestern! And swing path is so strange! Your opinions?