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    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    I like overgrips (Supergrap) on the frames with leather grips, but on frames with synthetic grips, I don't like overgrips. I'm thinking about going up from size 4 to 5 and not using an overgrip with just a synthetic grip. Any thoughts?
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    Yonex VCORE Pro 100 - Written Review

    The video has been out for several weeks, but I haven't seen the written review on the VCORE Pro 100. Will there be a written review out soon? Thanks in Advance
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    Yonex Poly Tour Fire Test?

    Hello TW playtesters. First, thank you for all the great reviews, your team does a great job. My question is will any of the playtesters be testing Yonex Poly Tour Fire? Being a round poly, the string intrigues me as a cross string that won't damage a gut main like a rough or shaped poly, and...
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    Racquet Recommedation for a full gut set-up

    I'm 54. I last played in 1986 with a Dunlop Max 200G. I played D1 in ''79 & '80 with a Jack Kramer Pro Staff & gut. I hit some balls over the weekend with the Dunlop and was able to hit a few decent shots. I'm looking to buy a racquet that would work well with full gut and a leather grip...