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    anybody know the specs on agassi's holy grail

    ladies and gentlemen, i have to step in here. this post was in response to a TW April Fool's prank review about a racket made from plastic, fiberglass from a bassboat, and strung with fishing net (if memory serves). the review was very funny, as it it paid homage to a lot of the cliches and...
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    Best racquets for accuracy

    ps 85 and rok
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    what happened

    can somebody just post the serena williams link to yahoo?
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    congratulations to Ohio! may your homophobic "values", pseudo-religious fanatacism, and third grade education revisit themselves upon you a hundred times over in the form of plagues, pestilence, and famine! you truly deserve it
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    TW, do you sell string savers...

    am also interested in hearing about people's opinion of the stringsavers sold by TW, which last longer and are easier to install?
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    @wright, i hate your politics but those pictures are really, really funny
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    TW, do you sell string savers...

    and can anyone help me out with installation directions? I'm going to try some gut, but don't want them to snap after an hour
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    Anyone try the dense string patterened ncode 95?

    where will your review appear?
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    COME ON ANDRE!!!!!!

    one set apiece now, if Agassi wins i believe he will play safin
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    Anyone try the dense string patterened ncode 95?

    does the frame feel just like a denser version of the 16x18, or is there a pronounced difference?
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    Madrid ball-model pics

    jesus christ, someone needs to tell these ladies how to hit a buffet table. one of them is bound to collapse on court
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    that's why the reasonable people here are positively ready to light themselves on fire. trust someone from the inside, things aren't really as bad as they seem from ireland... they're much, much worse. it's bad enough that the people running things are incompetent (to be generous), but...
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    agassi/spadea spoiler

    before the last 8 months or so, spadea WAS a journeyman
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    nCode Tour Plays Differently w/ Different Vibration Dampener

    totally agree, dampeners are just like connies
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    funniest thing i have ever read on this board. how the hell is it, anyway, that two posters who refer to the jedi (drakulie and jediknightdan) can be so smitten with the evil empire. Seriously, these guys running the show now make darth and palpatine look a couple of furry, friendly harmless ewoks
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    A bad haircut we all can agree on...

    senator jay, thanks for bringing all of us together. i thinki think we can all agree - democrats and sh!theads alike - that your contributions to this board are far too infrequent
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    well, at least they've got athletics and acting going for them, unlike you who has, well... and by the way, if you're gonna call someone clueless, at least do it right! you not only misspelled "clueless," but also used "that" when I'm sure you meant "who." we won't even get into your use of...
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    You can't play like Agassi, but you sure can vote like him

    bot, it sure is nice to see that Ohioans want to vote to continue the blight that is rapidly destroying their state. hmm, let's gone, wages lower, poverty up, more and more children with no health insurance, state is broke because dick cheney needed more tax breaks...Yeah! Sign me...
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    comparing ncode feel to fischer pro #1

    can anyone compare the feel (frame solidity, ball feel) between the nanotech wilsons and the fischer vacuum tech frames like the pro #1? they seem to be similar in design i recently hi the n6.1 95 and really loved the feel, but I generally like a tigher string pattern and the power level was...
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    maybe she just used the wrong drugs...
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    how to change head grip shape

    anyone have any tried and true methods to reshape the head grip to make it less rectangular and more like a wilson? i actually liked the lm prestige, but there's no way i could ever get used to hitting with that grip. anyone got any homemade solutions? thanks in advance
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    EGF tennis

    they'll be no match for the fightin' womp rats of east tattooine
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    *Lindsay Davenport: Best ball striker ever

    schalken, by the way, has one of the ugliest serves and most awkward forehands I've ever seen, yet can still be deemed by none other than agassi as the best ball "striker"
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    *Lindsay Davenport: Best ball striker ever

    agassi has referred on more than one occasion that schalken is the best "ball striker" he has ever seen, and schalken hasn't come close to matching davenport's achievements. ball-striking in my opinion has mainly to do with stroke efficiency, not so much with aesthetic quality of the strokes...
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    atp pros racquets = compensation

    it's up there, but there have been much worse that were deleted almost instantly
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    TW: Please remove that SCOWLING pro's face.....pleeezzee???!

    come on, peeps, did you ever realize that all of the players on the tw homepage are nike players? TW is preferred vendor for nike, and if you don't like to see nadal or any other nike players, then consider it a small tax for the awesome opportunity TW affords us to BS (more S than B for an...
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    Hyper ProStaff 6.1 or nCode nSix-One?

    ben, let me know how it goes with the kirschbaum in the n6.1 95. i normally play the 17g competition. i hit the n6.1 95 with some mushy old synthetic that didn't do it any favors but still liked it enough to entertain the idea that i could play it with some good poly or gut hybrid. thanks
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    which swings heavier, n6.1 95 or hps6.1 95?

    no, mine was 16x18 and printed on the throat was 11.7 ounces, so it was the main release. i have no idea why wilson chose to list the unstrung weight, but that's a different issue. i remember when the tour 95 came out, they listed the specs for the tour 90 on the cardboard insert alongside...
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    Andy Roddick ESPN chat

    ladies and gentlemen, your 2004 honorary MENSA inductee...Andick Roddie
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    atp pros racquets = compensation

    right, and serena's 5'7 130