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    If you hybrid a poly, do you give up spin?

    Gut/poly. More power (speed) and spin is about the same. It's a different kind of spin, not the loopy kind like full poly; lower trajectory and really shoots through the court. Ball still dives and jumps like a mother. Great if you like/can hit OTR.
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    Softest WHITE POLY ?

    RS Lyon?
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    Jolly's Polys

    Elements price point is close to gut/poly. I'll give it a shot and see if the $$$ is justified. Thanks
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    Jolly's Polys

    Klip legend 1.3/yonex PtF or max power cross 1.25. A soft poly that doesn't suck at the net and maintains tension marginally OK (not a strIng breaker ). Above avg spin/power potential. For example, I like RS Lyon 1.25 @45/43 but find it too low powered. It's also a bit on the higher end of my...
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    Hyper G Soreness Advice

    Drop it. Someone mentioned PTS but I found them to play very differently. PTS is much softer, though.
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    Jolly's Polys

    Can't get topspin products here in Australia, unfortunately. :( I would default to hyper g but it sucks at volleying. Any other recommendations?
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    Jolly's Polys

    You make ice code sound a bit like isospeed baseline. Currently hooked on gut/poly setup and trying to find a poor man's full poly version of it.
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    Jolly's Polys

    Good bouncy or bad bouncy? A review perhaps? Please include corresponding babe pic. Also, thoughts on Adrenaline?
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    Jolly's Polys

    Hey @J011yroger Have you tried Technifibre Ice code at all?
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    tension switching from poly to gut/poly

    Recently had a gut/poly setup with overall string bed tension at 45lbs. Stupid, addictive power, but a little difficult to control. In a way it's a bit like full bed poly where you have to maintain RHS for spin otherwise balls just go long (whereas balls drop short with full poly).
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    The power difference between 63 and 70 RA is rather negligible. I find myself only using the 63RA these days and keeping the 70 as a spare. If, even on the DR, you get some elbow issues, I would personally stay away from the 70ra. I had zero issues with DR98+ and felt a little bit in the elbow...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hmm. From memory and personal experience, here are the main differences: - DR98+ flexes more at the hoop while TC100 is more uniform. I prefer the TC100 in this regard especially for volleys, especially the 70RA. DR98+ felt too 'noodley' at the net. - TC100 has more power and spin. Bigger...
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    connection between player height and serve stance?

    Personally, I find pinpoint to give more pace; and platform has more action on the ball. I can't load my back leg as effectively on platform however, which makes me prefer pinpoint.
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    Power and spin: lead added high in the hoop vs extended length

    Agree. Biggest difference IMO between the 2 is swing weight to static weight ratio and what your preference may be.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hello! I can relate as I've also moved from the DR98 + to a TC 100 27.5. I have both the 63 and 70 RA. @SteveXtreme1978 I suspect going 27.25 instead of 27.5 has to do with swing weight. Paul noted that the 27.5 has a default SW of +/- 340. Even though I had played my DR+ with some lead at...
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Angell TC100 63RA my friend. Thin beam, plush (think DR98 but nicer), all the power you need.
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    Thoughts after trying gut/poly for the first time ever

    Anyone have insight into Max Power crosses and how it compares to 4g?
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    4g or yptp as cross

    I would agree with sticking to 4g. Ptp may not suit your game. I had my poly restrung in a gut/poly setup recently with string bed tension at 45 and was still doing OK.
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    Please help me with my forehand, friends

    Thanks. Initiating from the legs up. Lower body stays intense while upper body is relaxed throughout. Don't really think much about the upper body anymore. In the past I've been coached to keep my non hitting arm out longer, and catch the racquet after contact. Otherwise I tend to over rotate...
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    Rafa is much more dominant on clay than Novak is at AO. Go figure.
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    4g or yptp as cross

    Is YPTP powerful straight off the bat or after a few hours? How long does 4g last you? I find my poly cross dies after 10-13 hours of play, and the power level jumps significantly from there. I tried restringing the cross but due to the notched gut the snapback just wasn't there and that's when...
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    Favourite racquet

    TC 100 27.5 inches with gut/poly hybrid. Power, spin, touch, feel, stability, maneuverability, comfort, everything.
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    @OP I think Wawa/ Fed style can both generate pace. If you watched tape of yourself hitting, I'm willing to bet that your prep is slow or mis-timed (unit turn + footwork) when you feel rushed at contact.
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    Please help me with my forehand, friends

    More legs, perhaps? I think I hit with a straight arm without even thinking about it. Here's a lousy video. Sorry about the quality.
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    Let's go traditional

    Because any good coach will see many issues with your technique. They internalise and decide what's the best response to your current struggles. If you can identify and somewhat internalise 1 thing in an hours session of feeding, etc, that's a win in my book. You go away, practice until it...
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    Will different racquets, specifically different balances affect technique?

    +1 for this. It's a chicken and egg thing, do you find a racquet based on your technique or does your racquet affect your technique? I think it's a bit of both. Find a racquet that feels and plays right and go from there. Once you know your swing it'll be very quick to know whether a racquet...
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    Advice to move away from full bed poly

    Currently have Yonex poly tour fire 1.25 as a cross with gut at 1.30. My previous stringbed was hyper g 16 strung at 48/46. I would say you'd want to go at least 5 pounds higher in tension. You'll get more power in this setup, but a lower launch angle compared to Hyper g full bed.
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    Advice to move away from full bed poly

    Try RS Lyon at low/mid 40s. Or go gut/poly. I love me hyper G 16 but gut/poly is just next level in terms of playability.