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  1. tangerine

    What Fed yelled to Murray at net

    Mr Stefan Edberg sportmanship class act Rogie acting like a butt-hurt b*tch when he's losing, say it ain't so! :shock:
  2. tangerine

    Anyone have a feeling that tennis just kinda sucks right now?

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. Do you think a Federer-Ferrer final would be better than the Nos. 1 and 3 battling it out? I'd love to know where in the world people like you get these myths from? I'm very familiar with the western media and I've yet to see any "bias" against Djokovic...
  3. tangerine

    Andy Roddick turning into a TT member after retirement.

    I'm definitely missing Andy's presence at the AO this year but his tweets are sort of making up for it. ;) I think it would be funny if ESPN showed some of Andy's live tweets during matches. I can see it now: @andyroddick "That ball was in! How can the chair umpire overrule from the far side...
  4. tangerine

    Federer "gamesmanship" and Nadal gamesmanship+cheating were not the same.

    More passive-aggressive behavior from His Highness :twisted: More gamesmanship from Federer, the diva wants his chair Federer sits in Djokovic's chair, higher-ranked Novak not happy...
  5. tangerine

    When was the last time there were 4 new winners in a row at a slam?

    2003. Aussie Open - Agassi French Open - Ferrero Wimbledon - Federer US Open - Roddick
  6. tangerine

    Murray's "Celebration" Was Pure Class

    I felt that Murray's celebration was too understated. Very British of him but also quite boring. After losing four slam finals and then to finally win on his fifth try I was expecting something more celebratory. Oh well. :-?
  7. tangerine

    Federer photoshopped!!

    That is too good :lol:
  8. tangerine

    Andy Roddick On Twitter

    Absolutely. :cool:
  9. tangerine

    Biggest jerks on tour?

    It just gets annoying how every time I sign into this forum the first threads I see are all so negative and immature. I mean, "Biggest Jerks on Tour" - lots of players have bad days and once in a while fans are going to have the bad luck of coming across one guy who's testy and has no...
  10. tangerine

    Biggest jerks on tour?

    Another "He wouldn't give me an autograph, what a jerk" thread?
  11. tangerine

    Ryan Harrison = big spoiled brat

    Oh noes. Ryan breaks a racket in frustration. How disrespectful! Nobody's ever done that before.
  12. tangerine

    John Isner chewing tabacco!!

    Horrors. Tobacco chewing in tennis. Let's ban him from life.
  13. tangerine

    What are some players that are interesting to follow on twitter?

    PseudoFed :lol: Does Ivo tweet anymore? He was on a roll for a while back but I haven't seen anything from him lately.
  14. tangerine

    Murray's words on Roger being in the stands watching him

    It is weird seeing Roger in the audience watching a competitors' tennis match. I wonder how tennis players in the future will react when Roger's old and gray and suddenly shows up at Centre Court to watch a Wimbledon final?
  15. tangerine

    Roddick has $20 million in winnings

    As of today Andy Roddick now also has 600 career wins. He and Federer are the only two active players with 600 wins to their names. :cool:
  16. tangerine

    Crowd sounds brutal at RG

    See even Roger can't stand the rude Roland Garros crowd :lol:
  17. tangerine

    Crowd sounds brutal at RG

    The French just booed Murray for beating their Reeeshard. :rolleyes: Yes, they are as ugly as their official RG posters. :lol:
  18. tangerine

    Any Nole fans praying he gets knocked out before meeting Rafa?

    Why would a Nole fan pray for such a thing? Unlike Federer, Djokovic is capable of beating Nadal.
  19. tangerine

    Funniest shots you've ever seen

  20. tangerine

    Sir Roger sets another record

    Sir Roger? :rolleyes: Can't you fanboys wait until he's knighted for, whatever they knight you for?
  21. tangerine

    What round will Fed lose the FO in?

    Hopefully he won't lose until Djokovic gets to him and wipes his Royal Smugness off the court. :D
  22. tangerine

    lol Andy Murray

    Am I the only one who can't hear the audio on this video? :???: My browser updates Flash automatically so I should be able to hear it. Yes, I checked the volume. :cry:
  23. tangerine

    Americans loosing early makes a pleasent viewing experience in TV ?

    You need to watch some tennis matches on other channels in other countries. Tomic got the 24/7 A-list celebrity treatment at the AO on Channel7. Was the over-exposure misplaced patriotism? Ever watch tennis on Japan TV when Kei Nishikori is playing? :oops: I highly recommend watching...
  24. tangerine

    Mary Fish reveals illness

    Doesn't Xavier Malisse also have a heart problem? I remember one year, maybe at the US Open?, when he had to stop playing because his heart was racing and it wouldn't stop. It was a scary moment. :eek:
  25. tangerine

    Why is no one talking about the potential NOLE slam?

    Because we don't want to jinx him. :cool:
  26. tangerine

    Mary Fish reveals illness

    Poor Mardy. Life has been a bit rough for the fishy lately. I'm glad they fixed the heart valve problem. Hope he feels better! Eat good food and make good love with the wifey, and things will fall back into place. :) Ljubicic looks like an even bigger arsehole now (if that's even possible)...
  27. tangerine

    Why Do Some Pros Struggle With Weight?

    This is the UK beach volleyball team. Who's fat and who's skinny?
  28. tangerine

    RG 2012= the most boring of all grand slams in 2012.

    Roland Garros is always boring to Nadal-hating *******s. :p
  29. tangerine

    What's up with Roddick?

    What's wrong with Roddick? He's been injured a lot since the AO and he's out of match practice. I love how some people cling to the "Americans skip the clay season every year" myth when all they have to do is look up their history on the ATP site to see otherwise. The only tournament most...