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  1. skydog

    Prince Tour 98 ESP grommet availability

    I have tried in the past with no luck, but TW Europe still gets a pair in stock every month or so. Any chance of obtaining some Prince Tour 98 ESP grommets? I tried emailing TW Europe to see if they could obtain a larger quantity of the grommets due to the shipping cost to the US, but I am...
  2. skydog

    Happy 25th TW!

    Happy 25th to my favorite tennis destination on the web!
  3. skydog

    Prince Tour 98 ESP grommets

    As the US distributor for Prince, will you be able to restock Prince Tour 98 ESP grommets? I would be willing to buy in bulk if necessary (20+ sets). I believe I have exhausted the North American supply and would like to get some more if able. Thank you, skydog
  4. skydog

    Prince Tour 98 ESP Butt Cap options

    I would like to replace the stock butt caps with a trap door model on my Prince Tour 98 ESP's and was wondering which butt cap would be the closest to stock shape? I would prefer the Prince Textreme butt cap, but they never seem to be in stock. Which trap door butt cap would you recommend as a...
  5. skydog

    NB 996v3 TW Slate...No 2E?

    Saw that the 996v3 TW shoe was now available for sale, disappointed that it is only showing available in D width. Is there a 2E size coming or will it only be available in D? skydog
  6. skydog

    Congrats Bethanie Mattek Sands!

    Congrats to Bethanie on her Australian Woman's doubles crown! Another major for our favorite TW affiliated pro. More BMS videos? Enjoyed her latest video with Chris critiquing his volleys.
  7. skydog

    Head Graphene Touch Speed Adaptive

    The numbers look impressive, flexing out at a 57. The ability to customize weight and balance, string pattern, and length could be pluses (assuming it is consumer adjustable without some of the iDapt issues). Not sure how you could demo it in your desired configuration, but I am intrigued.
  8. skydog

    More of this! Loved it.

    I really liked your latest video with Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Mr. Edwards. More please! I always enjoy listenening to the playtesters and pros talk about their gear.
  9. skydog

    Death of another flexible racquet

    Well, Wilson is at it again. With the release of the new Blade series coming up and demos hitting the streets, it looks like Wilson is planning on the Williams sister's eventual retirements by killing off the Blade 104. Flex in the 2015 Blade 104 = 59. Flex in the new Blade 104 = 66. (TW...
  10. skydog

    Jack Kramer Retro Interesting. A graphite duplicate of the original woodie. Would never hit it at this price, but what a beautiful piece of work.
  11. skydog

    Adidas Adizero Y3, Similar shoe?

    I love the way my Adidas Adizero Y3's fit my foot and the way they play on the court. With the limited edition disappearing, does Adidas have any non limited editions of this shoe available? I would like to add some different colorways of this shoe to my stable of on court shoes but can not...
  12. skydog

    Anxiously Awaiting VLOG 500

    I have been counting down the weeks to VLOG 500 and it looks like we are just over a fortnight away. Got anything special in store for us, Chris? :)
  13. skydog

    Pre stretching Monogut ZX (Zyex)

    I am going to be expetimenting with Ashaway Monogut ZX and was seeking opinions on pre stretching and the amount of pre stretching. I have other threads about manual pre stretching the string, but was wondering how much pre stretch to select in my machine. 10%? 25%? What works best for you to...
  14. skydog

    Babolat Spiraltek Reels?

    Is TW going to be stocking Babolat Spiraltek reels (17g) any time soon? I have been experimenting with various cross strings (decided on Spiraltek) and now I am looking to get a reel of it. Thanks
  15. skydog

    Barricade Strategy Pack 2016

    Another year, another Barricade Pack. First release is Alexander the Great. One orange shoe / One black shoe. Interesting, but will have to pass for now.
  16. skydog

    Pro Kennex Q Tour 325 discontinued?

    Looks like the 2013 Pro Kennex Q Tour 325 is being closed out. TWE has the new Q Tour 325 (18x20). Are any of the new version of the Q Tour 325 (18x20) going to be making there way to TW USA or is this the end of the Q Tour 325 stateside?
  17. skydog

    Pro Kennex Ionic series

    I noticed on the Pro Kennex web site that they do not include the Ionic series in their current racquet line up. Does TW still have access to these racquets or are they discontinued? Specifically, the Ki5 PSE, I recently switched to this racquet and was wondering if I needed to start stashing...