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  1. BrokenForehand

    I remember there's one match, Roddick asked the umpire why the hawkeye ball mark is an ellipse instead of circle

    anybody remembered this match? If you were the umpire, how would you explain it to Andy?
  2. BrokenForehand

    Is is possible Mike Tyson's daughter could make it to the top 100 one day?

    seems pretty serious, as the daughter of a former boxing champion, she got to practice with some of the best coaches/players based on the videos below, do you think she could make it to the top 100? Or better?
  3. BrokenForehand

    Big3 have the *same* avatar on their wiki page all trophy position while serving... meanwhile, sir Andy:
  4. BrokenForehand

    Do you think 1 extra day recovery matters for the big 3?

    1st semifinal: Jan 30 2nd semifinal: Jan 31 final: Feb 2
  5. BrokenForehand

    Andy Murray condemns Kyrgios' behaviour in Cincinnati "It wasn't good, and I felt for Fergus as he shouldn't have to put up with that," Murray told BBC Sport. "I chatted to him a little bit last night after the match," said Murray, who has developed a strong bond with Kyrgios. "It's obviously up to him...
  6. BrokenForehand

    Jim Courier: Without injuries, Novak is gonna have the most GS out of the Big 3

    asked on a podcast by Renae Stubbs recently: who do you think would have the most (GS) out of the three Jim: The easy money would be on the guy in the lead right now, you don't know who's gonna get injured...Roger sitting on 20 right now, that's prob the betting should be...But I suspect when...
  7. BrokenForehand

    Jason Collins: there's this tennis player didn't wash hands after finishing up at the urinal
  8. BrokenForehand

    Stats - Tennis Players' twitter followers ranking

    Ranked by Followers number PS: don't judge me, I got bored...
  9. BrokenForehand

    Acapulco Tournament Owner: Nadal cried for 2 hours before pulling out

    link: translated by google: ""Nothing happens ... he started crying two hours," said Burillo when questioned about the Spanish drop hours after the announcement."
  10. BrokenForehand

    Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in major trouble

    " Her lawyer has reportedly received a court order that gives her five days to respond to the allegations. Why? A $5.2 million Euro debt that dates back to Sanchez Vicario’s tax-evasion issues years ago has ballooned to 7.5 million Euros. The bank expects the couple to return to Spain to face...
  11. BrokenForehand

    Steve Tignor is making a top 50 open era player list, looks like Safin not gonna make it

    so the rules are simple, only considering the single accomplishment, 25 for man, 25 for woman: 25 Li Na & Andy Roddick 24 Caro Wozniacki & Stan Wawrinka 23 Angelique Kerber & Stan Smith 22 Victoria Azarenka & Lleyton Hewitt 21 Amelie Mauresmo & Guga Kuerten 20 Gabriela Sabatini & Arthur Ashe ...
  12. BrokenForehand

    Halep will sign Lacoste?