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  1. Incognito

    Novak is the GOAT.

    OP is the only Federer fan who proclaims Djokovic as GOAT every chance he gets :-D
  2. Incognito

    Djokovic's Big 4 Dominance at AO

    But they always say Djokovic is Nadal’s contemporary. Every loss Nadal had since 2004 counts. Why shouldn’t Djokovic?
  3. Incognito

    Everyone please wear mask!!

    chinese transparency, lol. ”nothing happened here in 1989”:-D
  4. Incognito

    Rewatching the 2009 AO between Nadal-Verdasco as well as Nadal-Federer, it is amazing to see how much Nadal and Federer have declined

    Experience is Nothing If you can no longer execute you best weapon? Both Federer and especially Nadal can no longer defend their fh side. Young Nadal or Federer would want you to direct every shot to their fh. And of course both could run for days. These days Nadal is almost dead at the start...
  5. Incognito

    John Millman accused of cheating in the Federer match

    but Deon, they are white. They can’t be bad:)
  6. Incognito

    I got it right again

    that’s really mean:( Suresh looks cute with baby fat:)
  7. Incognito

    Positive and negative things for Nadal after ATP Cup

    He’s been like that for years though. He doesn’t even work on his endurance anymore for fear of another knee injury. Had that USO been best of 7 sets, he would have Lost. He could barely stand after that 4th set.
  8. Incognito

    Positive and negative things for Nadal after ATP Cup

    You are one of my favorite posters StongRule, dont ever change:love:
  9. Incognito

    Late bloomers

    no Lew, Djokovic has also beaten stan at the majors during stan’s peak period.
  10. Incognito

    Late bloomers

    he didn’t win any slam in 2013, therefore no peak yet.
  11. Incognito

    Shapo's a comin

    just say serve. Raonic can’t volley to save his life. Poor net instincts and awful vertical movement.
  12. Incognito

    Late bloomers

    Stan is the best late bloomer of all. He didn’t reach his prime until AO 2014. All matches before that were meaningless. What’s the slam h2h between Djokodal vs stan between 2014-2019 @Lew II ?
  13. Incognito

    How can Rafa be more competitive against Nole on HC....

    Drunk Djokovic is even more dangerous Hitman, he’ll become even more bendy :rolleyes:
  14. Incognito

    How can Rafa be more competitive against Nole on HC....

    He can’t! Unless he can bring back his stamina and fotspeed from 12 years ago or so. Same goes when he plays Fed. And Fedovic know this.
  15. Incognito

    Nadal: "Sometimes people from some countries don’t understand tennis"

    Rafa must have forgotten his match in Argentina against Gaudio that he lost when he was was 17 years old. He couldn’t even serve and some people in the crowd were spitting at him. Compared to that, I say this crowd is a bunch of nuns.
  16. Incognito

    Is Talk Tennis Forum dying?

    ”attached their identity to Fed”? like they go to their Jobs every morning thinking they’ve won 20 majors and have millions in their bank accounts? same as people who vote for their politician.. ”he’s just like us”. They are either billionaires like him or extremely stupid like him.
  17. Incognito

    Medvedev- Facing Djokovic is easier than Nadal

    lol people bring up davydenko all the time. At least Rafa has beaten him once hc. Davydenko could never in any shape or form beat Nadal on clay.
  18. Incognito

    Kyrgios’ abnormal obsession with Djokovic continues

    So nick cannot choose to support a French team?
  19. Incognito

    What determined the turnaround since 2011?

    you really think nadal’s 2017 RG would beat any of his 2005-2008 versions? I highly doubt that.
  20. Incognito

    Top 8 male players of all time

    That’s true! here’s my list of greatness for the time being: 1.Federer 2. Nadal 3. Laver 4. Pancho 5. Sampras 6. Borg 7. Tilden 8. Budge 9. Rosewall 10. novak
  21. Incognito

    ATG or GOAT with no wins on carpet?

    when did Federer say he didn’t like clay? He grew up on it.
  22. Incognito

    Khachanov calls Federer "one of" the greatest

    you made me spill Tea on my keyboard with this one:-D
  23. Incognito

    Nadal is the only clear cut surface goat/boat in tennis history

    forget 2012. Nadal 2005 and 2006 were alot faster and could run for days. 2012 was overrated.
  24. Incognito

    Roddick had negative W-L at RG

    Homogenized era
  25. Incognito

    Djokovic-Nadal H2H is more one-sided on HC than Clay

    Take note! Nadal’s dominance on clay started in 2005, and his peak ended in 2009. Djokovic couldn’t touch him on masters until 2011, that’s 6-7 years. And at RG, 10 years after Rafa started his dominance.
  26. Incognito

    In your opinion which players past and present could beat Nadal 2010 USO ?

    Nadal would have lost to any player he didn’t face in that tournament. Welcome to ttw:rolleyes:
  27. Incognito

    Nadal News 2.0

    have a great holiday kind sir:):love: