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  1. logansc

    My racquet hunt!

    If you're going to try the PDR might as well get the original in for a demo as well. It's a better racquet, IMO, and a better base for customization.
  2. logansc

    Pure Drive GT or Roddick GT for me??

    Another vote for the PDGT. I hated the Roddick version. Thought it was sluggish and played like a board. I have 2 of the PDGT and have zero trouble with heavy hitters. You're better off with the reg version if you are better with it off the ground, unless you just rely on your serve that...
  3. logansc

    What brands dominate in your area?

    When I was playing college club tennis most of the kids there were using Babolats and Heads. I was the only one hitting a Dunlop frame. At the local courts I notice a lot of Babolats and Volkls, surprisingly.
  4. logansc

    Should I switch to Pure DRive Gt?

    Oh the PDGT won't just hurt your elbow because it's stiff. It's all about technique. Any racquet can cause tennis elbow with bad technique. I actually thought the Rad Midplus was a lot less comfortable for me than the PD and actually was pretty jarring when I missed the sweet spot.
  5. logansc

    Should I switch to Pure DRive Gt?

    Ok a couple of things here. 1. Demo the racquet and see if you like it. 2. Always try and check people's logic to your responses. My thoughts: I just recently switched from a LM Radical to the new Pure Drive GT. I had used stiff racquets in the past and basically got into the whole...
  6. logansc

    Future No 1 Tennis Brand

    Babolat has some players...Nadal/Roddick/Gonzo/ will be interesting to see what kind of staying power they have.
  7. logansc

    Future No 1 Tennis Brand

    Add Andy Murray to that list.
  8. logansc

    The Babolat 'Blitz'

    I was a long time Babolat user...I had a couple of the original APDs, I liked everything about them except serving and that is my best shot. I switched back and forth between my C10 Pro and Head Radical MPs for a while but I get sick of mishits and lack of power when I'm not completely set...
  9. logansc

    Anyone seen or hit with the new Storm Ltd GT yet?

    The New PJ is ugly as sin. I'm disappointed they took away the sig orange from the Pure Storm.
  10. logansc

    Head MG Radical Pro...Headlightness?

    I actually hit with this stick for a bit last night at a local place. I thought it was sluggish. I felt like I had to really swing to get it to do anything. I was not a fan. If anything I thought it could be a bit heavier and a bit more headlight.
  11. logansc

    This is the Babolat Alliance calling!...

    Alright gang, need some advice. I like my Pure Storms, love the feel, but I need more heft. So here's my question, should I just slap some leather on those bad boys and some lead tape and try to replicate the spec of the Tour version or is it necessary to replace with the real version?
  12. logansc

    Chardy v. Roddick

    Rod wins in 4. Anyone see what happened in that third set?
  13. logansc

    I need a tweener racquet.

    Babolat Pure Storm is a big smaller 98 sq in as opposed to 100, but it's right at 11 oz and has a slighly headlight balance.
  14. logansc

    Semi-Western FH = Has to Swing Windshield Wiper?

    I think it just depends on how you want to hit the ball, I tend to finish my FH halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. I just concentrate on low-high and getting good shoulder rotation. My right elbow usually finishes just under my chin. I know some folks go up over their head and some go...
  15. logansc

    FT: Volkl C10 Pro 4 3/8 9/10

    I'm looking to trade a barely used Volkl C10 Pro (new Black version) w/ a 4 3/8 grip size. This frame has few scuffs no chips and has about 6 sets of tennis on it. I'm looking for a Babolat Pure Storm (Tour or Regular version) in grips 4 1/2 or 4 3/8. I'll swap pics upon request. If...
  16. logansc

    I am trying to sell my APDs to my friend but can't arrive at a price

    Sounds reasonable to me. Especially since you aren't shipping.
  17. logansc

    m-fil 200?!

    What's a one handed backhand?
  18. logansc

    m-fil 200?!

    He used an OS and it won't be the same as the one you're going to buy.
  19. logansc

    m-fil 200?!

    Control is decent, power is kind of moderate I'd say. I put lead tape on mine and got it closer to 11.75 or 11.8 oz. The static swingweight is low so you can adjust it to your preference.
  20. logansc

    Roddick VS Federer - How Roddick wins/loses "comfortably"

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Andy Roddick fan, I just know that when it comes to sheer talent and ability, Fed has Roddick beat. 9 out of 10 times the better player wins.
  21. logansc

    m-fil 200?!

    Depends on what you want. The Mfil will offer more inherit spin and a livelier string bed. The Rad more control and a steadier feel. It's all about what you want.
  22. logansc

    Boris Becker 11 Light vs. Power Bridge 10 Light

    It's really simple, you want to get as much momentum as possible into your shots, especially considering a hard shot coming in your direction. Momentum=(mass)(velocity). If you have a heavy racquet but no speed, your shot will not be as effective. Likewise with a faster swing but not enough...
  23. logansc

    Importance of fraternities in college

    There is a very negative stereotype that exists and it is truly deserved. As a fraternity guy I've seen the best and the worst of the greek system first hand. I joined a fraternity as a freshman just because it was something to do and get out of my dorm room. I also joined many...
  24. logansc

    Roddick VS Federer - How Roddick wins/loses "comfortably"

    Nice post. I pretty much agree with everything you said. At the end of the day, for a guy like Andy, it's icing on the cake to knock off a guy like Federer, and if he is the GOAT, there's no shame in losing a three setter in the QF.
  25. logansc

    Mac vs Windows [Merged]

    Having used both and owning both, I personally love my Mac for everyday use, I love the interface, it's fast, doesn't crash and is very portable. My PC on the other hand, I use for work and for gaming, though I am more of a console gamer myself.
  26. logansc

    The Market is ripe for AG100 Tour or AG100 4D?

    Volkl has changed its go-to-market strategy, at least that's what I've been told. Apparently they're readily available you just have to order them direct through a dealer.
  27. logansc

    Prince warrior or graphite mp

    Dot, I'm glad you were able to, it's a gem of a racquet and I hope they never quit making it!
  28. logansc

    This is the Babolat Alliance calling!...

    dgoran, what I would do is go with the PST and "relearn" your strokes. You will be surprised at how quickly you will adjust. Once you put the back and forth to bed for good that will also help you mentally quit thinking about the differences.
  29. logansc


    Volkl C10 Pro 12.5 oz for me.